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  • My Mother And Mother

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    My mother was my primary caregiver throughout all of my childhood. While my father was in the picture for a majority of my childhood, he was also a severe alcoholic which greatly impacted my upbringing. My rules, obligations, and expectations were not always set in stone and did often depend on the time, situation, and/or mood of my parents. I think it is normal for parents to differ slightly in their parenting styles occasionally. As a young kid I remember my sister and I being very aware that the

  • Mother : My Mother

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    telling my mom I had always looked up to her because of everything she did. My mom would always tell me stories of herself when she was small and I realized how lucky I was to get most of the things I wanted as I kid. I remember her always telling me that she wanted me to take care of her just like she was taking care of me when I was older. "Mom I promise when I'm older I'll get you the biggest car and house you've always wanted" I would tell my mom every night when she would come to my room to

  • My Mother: The Best Mother

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    My mother has many wonderful traits, but there's a few that stand out. First of all, her wisdom is outstanding. She provides great advice no matter the situation. Also, I'd say she has a positive mentality. She always has this optimistic point of view for everything. Ultimately, the trait that stands out in her the most is compassion. It's incredible the way she shows compassion towards everyone. Her way of demonstrating compassion is very unique. She always puts herself in everyone else's shoes

  • Mother Essay : My Mother

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    My Mom Moms are the most special and pure beings in the world. They are that being who gives everything for love, for her home, for her children and grandchildren. The mother is such a blessed woman that she endures so many things for the sake of her children, while many times we are ungrateful to them, assuming that our mothers will always be there for us. When moms still there with you, it is fortunate to have her, because the kind of love she gives is the purest you can ever find. My mom,

  • Being A Mother : My Life Of My Mother

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    My mother is the most diligent worker I know and I highly respect her for that. My mom, sister, and I moved across the globe to find better opportunities for jobs and Education. She worked two jobs as a single mother, and was still able to take care of and support my sister and me in anything we aspired to do. Being a mother itself is difficult enough because it is an everyday job with no brakes or vacation. She is the person who inspires me and the person who motivates me to do my best at everything

  • My Mother In My Life

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    My mother is a very complicated woman. I believe the best way to describe her would be, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I know, weird way to start off my literary story, right? As much as I do not like my mother, I love her, and respect her. While I am being honest, I owe my work ethic and a vast majority of my success to her, as much as I hate to admit it. The way she lived her life, most college graduates and the societal hoity toity types would raise their noses to. However,

  • My Mother, My Friend

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    My Mother, My Friend It is not easy, moving back home with your parents as an adult. Especially when you are the parent of grown children yourself. Due to circumstances beyond my control, that is what I had to do. Although I had been out of my parents home for over thirty years and had been married (and divorced) moving back home kind of felt like I had never left. I believe that is because my parents were treating me as though I was the unruly teenager I once was. That and the fact I

  • My Mother Is My Mom

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    Growing up I’ve always had my mom and my grandmother taking care of me but, at times my mom would always have to work and I hated it. My mom worked late hours or went in early in the morning. Everyday I always wondered why did she have to leave, why couldn’t she just stay home with us, was it that hard for her to just stay home? My granny did her very best taking care of us and I loved her so much for that. There was still always this though in my head everyday that i always thought of and that was

  • A Short Story : My Mother And Mother

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    May 31, 2001. My mom and father separated. I was born. There was struggle and commotion everywhere. How am I going to support five children? How am I going to raise FIVE children, all by myself? I am assuming those were questions my mom asked herself when I was born. I do not know how she accomplished it, but I know she raised five children, practically, on her own. And by doing so she inspired us all that we can defeat the obstacles life throws at us even if they seem impossible or difficult at

  • My Mother In My Life

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    When my older sisters were still in high school, every morning before school, my mother woke up bright and early, cooked breakfast, curled, straightened, or braided my sister’s and my hair, and drove us to school. After we were at school, my mother went to work, came home and prepared lunch for my dad, folded the laundry, washed the dishes and cleaned the house until it was spotless. Then she picked my sisters and me up from school, whipped up something for dinner, and double-checked if everyone