My Neighbourhood Essay

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  • What Is Wrong with Cully, Oregon?

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    The first occasion by which I heard about Cully, was not a good one. It was mentioned as being a troubled area that needed a lot of help. In my mind, a lot of neighborhoods need help; what makes Cully so special? Everyone keeps talking about it, but I don’t see what the big deal is. As time went on, I began to hear more about Cully, and it began to spark my interest. I began to read articles and stories from and about this neighborhood; they all mentioned the same thing: Cully is Oregon’s most diverse

  • My First Day Is My First Day In A New Neighbourhood

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    Today is my first day in new neighbourhood in a new state. As we drove down the bumpy road to my new house, I noticed the house next door. The house next door had over grown trees, dead birds and rotting wood. I had a bad feeling with it from the start. Tomorrow is my first day at my new school and I still have no new friends. The next day at school I asked some other students about the house next door and they all said that there was an old man who lived there in the 1950ś and one day he disappeared

  • Windshield Survey

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    neighborhood has a mix of ethnicity. I see Hispanic, Caucasian and African populations. This family is Lutheran and attends a church a few blocks away. There is also a nearby Catholic church. The local hospital is about 1 mile away and I passed it on my way to their home. There are many doctors' offices and dental offices near the hospital. Many yards still have election signs still in the yards. There are not any billboards visible displaying any media. I do see some newspapers in driveways.

  • Growing Up In a Small Town

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    She would just smile and act like she didn’t know it, and then gave us our reward anyway. Another time I remember a parent looking out for us was when my brother nearly drowned in the local river. He was always tagging along with my friends and me even though he was still too young at six to do most of the things that we did. When we would go swimming at the river I trusted him to stay safe in the shallows while we older kids braved the deeper

  • The Stereotype of Criminally Disposed People in Poverty

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    For many years, the issue of criminal disposition has been greatly associated with those who reside in poor neighborhoods. Violence may occur within low income or predominant minority communities but much good has come from neighborhoods such as these. Further, this stereotype has generated much controversy: While some believe that all poor neighborhoods are the worst, indeed not all people who come from poor neighborhoods are not criminally disposed. Because of aspiring individuals who are prosperous

  • Ethics Essay

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    this paper is to review the Week Two Discussion Questions and address individual responsibility within their community. I will write about ways that people can give back to their community. I will also be describing an event I took part in done within my community to be a part of it. Lastly, I will address the “free rides” that are within all communities and what to do about them. while incorporating the materials covered in both Week One and Week Two of the Course. Responsibility within the Community

  • Informative Speech : Grand Rapids

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    individuals within the inner city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. This place is my hometown and I decided to go to the Southside of Grand Rapids, where the crime rate is high and the individuals who make up the community do not have much. I must admit that at first I was very hesitate about actually going into these poor neighborhoods based on what I saw firsthand on TV, which

  • Essay on Growing Up During the Egyptian Revolution

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    I grew up in my home country Egypt, in a time some may say I was lucky to have experienced and been a part of. I took part in helping a nation overthrow its dictator who reigned with tyranny longer than I had been alive. I am an Egyptian youth, who fought for my people’s stolen prosperity and withheld freedom against the famous thirty year old Mubarak regime. The Egyptian revolution was televised and kept under the global eye throughout each of its progressions, from start to end yet not holistic

  • Compare and Contrast Essay of Two Neighborhood

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    Patricia Brown Ellen Beckford English 1101 13 February 2013 Two Neighborhoods The convenience of living in an urban or suburban neighborhood can be appealing to many people. Choosing between areas can sometimes be overwhelming for some individual. People are not only concerned about the safety of a community, but they are also concerned about the environment. Although some neighborhoods might look attractive, people should consider the expense that comes with it, and how commuting will affect

  • Windshield

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    Directions: Community and Population Health Windshield Survey This assessment is a foundational exercise for you to learn about your environment and explore where you live. Take some time to intentionally explore your county. Look at your county as the home and the place of work for the county residents. While driving through your community, stop for coffee or have lunch in a neighborhood. Find a place to eat where you can sit down as part of the community. You may want to walk around your