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  • My First Trip To Disneyland

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    true. I remembered my first trip to Disneyland in Tokyo, Japan last year quite well. I was very fascinated with the Disney’s New Fantasyland zone. The zone was full of enchantment, it was decorated with shops and home of Disney princesses, also there were many interesting rides and foods related to the theme of each Disney characters. Visiting Disney’s Fantasyland zone in Japan gave me the most memorable and happiest moment that fulfilled my childhood memory and totally made my dream comes true. It

  • Personal Narrative : My Trip To Disneyland

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    When i went to Disneyland, I was eight. It was 2013. My mom surprised us at christmas. We walked in and huge luggage bags were under the tree. Mine was pink, and my sister’s bag was blue.We were driving to California; my mom’s friend, Dee, was driving us. We had to stop at her house in vegas for a good night sleep. We had taco bell for dinner. I ate the spicy bean dip, and a normal taco with lettuce. Me and my sister had to share a room, it had a huge tv. We watched, well I watched Full House.

  • Personal Narrative-My Trip To Disneyland

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    prizes included televisions, iPads, money, a car, and other miscellaneous items. To my surprise, my ticket number was the first one to be called out over the extremely loud speaker system. I walked to the stage to get my prize and the speaker handed me two three day Disneyland passes. As a child I always wanted to go to Disneyland. It was my childhood dream come true when she handed me those tickets! That next summer, my girlfriend and I went. Of course, the roller coaster rides were great, but there

  • My Experience With My Family

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    go to Disneyland where they will experience a dream of a lifetime. One moment I want to experience again is when my family took me to Disneyland especially when my father was still alive. My father died of pancreatic cancer when I was five years old, but I did not understand the concept of his death, so I did not feel any sadness or grief for him until I was eight years old where I finally understood the impact of his death which struck me to tears. I have heard mostly good things from my mother

  • Personal Narrative : The Disney Experience : My California Experience

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    But other than the biggest being graduation is Senior Trip! The only difference for me was that I went on my senior trip to the beautiful and sunny California. And to make it even 10 times better I got to go with my older brother. While there I couldn’t of imagined anything better. From going to Disneyland, to all of the insanely beautiful scenery and let’s not forget just all the amazing new experiences in general. To begin, Disneyland. Growing up I have been to Disney World in Florida, every

  • Descriptive Essay About Disneyland

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    For me, like every little girl, all things Disney were my absolute favorite. Whether it was Disney princess movie marathons, dressing up in my favorite character’s costumes, or playing with the fairy godmother's wand, I loved it. But nothing quite compares to trips to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. You walk through the gates and instantly feel a flutter in your stomach as Mickey’s voice welcomes you into the park. The sound of music, filling the crisp warm air with smiles, resonates throughout

  • Descriptive Essay About Disneyland

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    was six years old, I wanted in the worst way to go to Disneyland. I would hope every year that my parents would choose Disneyland as our next family vacation destination. I dreamt of the day I would come back from Disneyland with exciting tales of adventure and a pair of sparkly, ruby red and black Minnie Mouse ears of my own that would be the envy of every kid in my elementary class. Once I finally went to Disneyland, it was amazing; Disneyland was everything I had expected and more. However, a couple

  • Personal Narrative Of School Field Trip At Disneyland

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    On Friday of April 21 ,2017 I went to disneyland for a school field trip , all the students in the middle school band and color guard went on this field trip for a performance at disneyland .It was my 8th grade year , it would be my last year performing at disneyland so I had to enjoy it . We had to meet up at school at 3:30 am because disneyland is located in Anaheim Ca. and it would take us several hours to get there .Also the teachers wanted us to be there early because they would have to take

  • What Is The Differences Of Disneyland And Disneyland

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    Walt Disney World and Disneyland have been in a continuous debate over whether which park tops the other one. Disneyland resides in the sunny Anaheim, California. Disneyland and California Adventure are the two parks that travelers and locals can experience in Orange County. 2,506 some miles away lies Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World has four different parks to adventure. Walt Disney World also includes 25 plus hotels. Based on personal experience and opinion, I am a proud supporter that Walt

  • My Experience For A Trip To A School Field Trip

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    On Friday of April 21,2017 I went to Disneyland for a school field trip, all the students in the middle school band and color guard went on this field trip for a performance at Disneyland .It was my 8th grade year, it would be my last year performing at Disneyland so I had to enjoy it . We had to meet up at school at 3:30 am because Disneyland is located in Anaheim CA and it would take us several hours to get there.Also the teachers wanted us to be there early because they would have to take roll