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  • Personal Narrative : My Weekend At Lollapalooza

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    My Weekend in Lollaland “I’ll do it if you do it.” This is a common phrase amongst teenagers. Sometimes it can lead to what adults might call “a poor decision,” but sometimes, most of the time actually, it can lead to an unexpectedly exciting adventure. I never imagined I’d be saying those words to my best friend during our senior study hall. We were about to get three day passes to one of the most popular summer music festivals of all time: Lollapalooza. My weekend at Lollapalooza was unlike

  • Descriptive Essay About Memorial Day

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    year again. Memorial Day weekend was finally here and that means one thing in any Hesse’s mind- the annual Molacek Fishing tournament! More importantly for me, I was finally able to spend time up north in Bemidji at the lake with my entire family again. After the grueling three-hour car ride crammed with my family of six, dog, and what seemed like enough luggage for the entire summer, I had finally made it to my sanctuary, Beltrami Shores. The moment I stepped out of the car my world was made of green

  • Why Do More Weekend Activities Are Necessary

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    Why More Weekend Activities are Necessary When walking around campus on the weekends, whether the weather is nice or not, you encounter very few people if any. You can’t help wondering where everyone is. You ponder maybe they went home or they are going off campus with their friends to go to the mall or party. It is not beneficial that numerous people leave campus on the weekends. If students stay on campus, they are cooped up in their dorm rooms all day not wanting to leave. A major aspect of

  • Personal Narrative: Drinking And Leaving Home

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    During this time of my childhood, I had no clue as to what they were fighting over. But I did know they’d been going at it often lately over my Step Daddy’s drinking so that was the assumption. You see, growing up where I’m from Old Grand Dad isn’t just some loving, fatherly male relative who lived with you in your house’s spare bedroom. And Wild Turkey wasn’t just a free-range fowl that likes to run around on the outskirts of your property. They’re a serious problem where I come from, and the

  • Black And Cuban Blood Runs Through My Veins Essay

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    There was once a time when I was naïve about stereotyping and racism. Up until my teenage years, the notorious monsters had been elusive. Then one weekend, I came face-to-face with the disgusting monsters, rearing their hateful heads; capable of momentarily depleting love within a blink of the eye. Because of my shocking encounter, I am now cognizant of the ignorance that persists in the world. A valuable yet life-changing lesson in racism and the effects of stereotyping influenced the way I

  • My Life Changed Life And A Red Sweatshirt

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    didn’t change my life. The sweatshirt did look pretty nice though -- it was a lovely deep maroon with two white triangles that overlapped. But anyways, the design of the sweatshirt (no matter how cool) is irrelevant. The life-changing event occurred just this past weekend, and I unfortunately, cannot narrow it down to a precise moment. Ever since the day of the winter retreat was announced, I had been counting down the days until December 9th. I was ready to spend time with my friends in my small group

  • My Experience In My School : A Personal Experience At School

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    experienced more friendship, love, disgust, and sadness at one time than at my time at a Rotary Youth Leadership Award camp (RYLA) this past summer. Everyone said it was not going to be as bad as I thought and that I was over reacting. However, they were only half right. I thoroughly enjoyed every second at RYLA, but I also wished I was at home. The journey started months prior in one of my classes. I just happened to be the first junior my teacher saw when looking for a student to attend. I immediately said

  • Going On Vacations In My Life

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    especially during a long weekend when a monday away from school can be an indispensable time to relax and enjoy a break from the grind of AP classes and 40-minute prompts. Therefore, my family and I decided it would be great to spend the long Columbus day weekend in New Hampshire with my grandparents and cousins. My family has made this voyage probably over a hundred times in the 17 years I’ve been alive, enjoying weekends and school breaks with the rest of my family. The weekend kicks off with a tedious

  • The Four Types of Paragraphs

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    All that was left was the bathroom and my bedroom. I snuck into the bedroom, wielding the sharp knife in terror, and bent over to look under the bed. No one was there. I silently released my breath and turned toward the closet. I opened the closet carefully and switched on the light. Again, no one was there. I had one place left to look: the bathroom. This

  • Job Experience Essay

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    per inspection. That’s over $1500 per week! Despite the great pay, I had been unemployed for nearly a month before starting this job and because of tool costs to get started hadn’t taken home much during my first week as an installer. The first paycheck I received had an error in it. I was told by my Manager at the Paducah Office to call the corporate office and talk to payroll directly and they would handle it. I regularly heard new employees being told, “Call payroll and ask for an advance”, not just