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  • Mycotoxin Essay

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    Another group of mycotoxins are trichothecenes, which need to be monitored because they inhibit protein synthesis in many eukaryotic cells, and they have also been shown to have multiorgan effects including emesis and immunodepression (Sidell et al., 1997). The inhibition of protein synthesis has been shown to be caused by trichothecenes reacting with different components of the ribosome, the site of action depends on the trichothecene (Sidell et al., 1997). Trichothecenes belong to the sesquiterpene

  • Biology: What are Mycotoxins

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    Mycotoxins Risk identification Next to dioxins and dioxin-like compounds, mycotoxins belong to the potential chemical hazards related to animal feed of poultry. Mycotoxins are toxic compounds which are produced by several species of fungi genera such as Fusarium, Aspergillus and Penicillium. Production can occur before harvesting or during storage, is determined by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity and is mainly occurring in cereals and ground nuts. Usually, mycotoxins enter

  • Substantive Scientific Testimony

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    to Hodgson and Dearborn, they pointed out that though human evidence of an association between mycotoxins and human health is anecdotal and based on case reports and series, the standards generally regarded as evidence in environmental medicine are met, including controlled studies in animals, the development of animal models with diseases that parallel the human experience, and studies of the mycotoxins at subcellular levels (Hodgson and Dear born, 2002 and references therein). There is a need for

  • The Importance Of Staying Healthy And Preventative Measures

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    VIT University in Vellore, India, describe mycotoxins as “low molecular weight molecules produced as secondary metabolites by saprophytic fungi” (2). Mycotoxins cause a vast array of health implications. Janette Hope, author of “Mechanism,” describes the symptoms experienced from mold exposure include but are not limited to afflictions to neurocognitive abilities, immune system, respiratory system, and nervous system (1). The many categories of mycotoxins are specific mold types and carry correlating

  • Getting The Mold Remediation Process

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    Getting The Mold Remediation Process Done written by: freddie44 Mold and mildew are all around us especially in the environment that has lot of moisture and in colder climates. It 's important to have a mold remediation process in case you suspect that your home has been invaded by mold. In fact many allergies can be directly started by the mold. Those that suffer from various allergies will see a great change when they get the mold remediation process in their homes done. There are over 10,000 varieties

  • Toxic Mold Essay

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    The subject of black mold gathered a lot of attention in the late 1990’s. Up to that time, little attention had been given to this topic and there were few government regulations regarding black mold. According to the US EPA from their on-line course (, molds are organisms that may be found indoors and outdoors. They are part of the natural environment and play an important role in the environment by breaking down and digesting organic material, such

  • Black Mold Essay

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    Chartarum or more commonly known as Black Mold is by definition a possibly toxic mold that can produce toxins called mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are produced by specific strains of mold which when found in food can cause foodborne illness, which in some cases may become fatal. There are varying mycotoxins found within fungi but this is one of the deadlier mycotoxins versus other mycotoxins, trichothecene. Despite the fact that many people do have mold allergies, this isn’t an allergic it is a reaction to

  • Beneful Product Changes

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    Beneful Product Changes is in Parallel with the Brands Ambitious Growth Strategy The growing trend in dog food points to increased use of familiar ingredients. According to post by Carlotta Cooper of the Huffington Post, surveys are increasingly showing that people think of pets as family members, which infers they can consume the same food as that used by humans. Beneful is one of the largest dog food makers in the US, since its product feed over 14 million dogs annual according to Nielsen. However

  • Sterigmatocystin Essay

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    Sterigmatocystin (ST) is a carcinogenic polyketide [12] produced by species in several fungal genera. Microfungi capable of producing ST are common food, feed and indoor contaminants, and may also be plant and mammalian pathogens, thus having a large economic impact for the biotechnological, agricultural and food industry [12, 13]. Nanotechnology plays an important role in the fabrication of different nanoparticles that can exhibit novel antimicrobial properties [14]. The nano-scale of metals

  • Harmful Mold Contamination

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    Science Building (Names/date) Abstract We investigated the levels of fungal contamination in the Eastern Washington University Science Building; which could be harmful to the frequenters. Certain types of fungi produce macrocyclic trichothecene mycotoxins. The toxins have the ability to cause "weakness, ataxia, hypotension, coagulopathy, and death." (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2013). The primary species of mold that produce macrocyclic trichothecene include Cladosporium sphaerospermum