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  • Mystery As A Mystery Story

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    Poe, a famous 19th century American author, invented many tropes that are common in mystery novels today. My mystery story incorporates many of these elements, such as, an unusual crime, a highly observant investigator, and a sidekick protagonist who helps relay how the mystery is solved to the audience. At the beginning of my short story, I introduced Poe’s idea of a highly observant investigator. Poe’s short stories contain the character, Mr. Dupin, who is able to observe situations beyond the abilities

  • The Mystery Of Mystery Stories

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    Mystery as a literary genre finds its roots in the writings of the 19th century. During this century great writers of the literary fiction utilises their brilliance to lay the foundations of various aspects of the mystery writing. Many fictional characters who were born in the 19th century,are still the most famous personalities of today 's fiction. It 's interesting to note that US President Abraham Lincoln also wrote a mystery story in the 19th century, based on a real case once he defended(1)

  • Hard-Boiled Mystery Story Analysis

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    There are several types of mystery stories, one in particular, is known as hard-boiled mysteries. This specific genera was originated in the 1940s, they were created to veer away from the typical mysteries that dominated this era. This particular mystery genera is quite different from another mystery story, especially when it comes to the characters in the story. Within the hard-boiled mystery genera, there are several different articles and stories. Some of these include, “Red Wind”, “Three Dot

  • Patricia Cornwell's Exciting Story Of Crime In Conjunction With Mystery

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    Patricia Cornwell has entertained readers for years with her exciting stories about crime in conjunction with mystery. Patricia was born on June 9th, 1956 in Miami Florida. Her interests are crime, reporters, furthermore writing. She often writes about her experience with crime on a daily basis. During her free time Patricia enjoys hobbies such as scuba diving in like manner as composing novels. She was married to a Charles Cornwell in 1980 but then divorced ten years later. Patricia can be referred

  • The Mystery Of Ghost Stories

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    Mystery ships are ships where something indescribable or unknown has occurred on that ship. For instance, the whole crew could have died like on the SS Ourang Medan, or the whole crew could have disappeared like on the Resolven, or even the ship could disappear like on the SS Baychimo. When these things happen with no evidence to prove what occurred, they become a mystery. These three ships have become some of the most well-known ghost stories today. It was the February of 1947 when the SS Ourang

  • Killing Mystery Stories

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    me no choice.” So he goes and gets his gun and he shoots ten times tow of the shots hit someone and killed them. So then the cops call down an alien to try to solve the mystery. So the killer goes back to the candy store and he that the alien is in there to buy candy, then he realizes that he is there to solve the killing mystery. The alien finds the body and says is that the guy that rob you?” and the guy sad” yes, you have to do something about it”.

  • Personal Note On Mystery Stories

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    from our log cabin and asked “Can you tell me one of your absorbing mystery stories.” “Of course, I’d love too.” I always cherish telling my family all of my past mystery’s although my granddaughter is the only one that listens. She and I have a special bond about mystery stories, especially since I was a detective decades ago and now my granddaughter wants to become one. I decided to pick the most engaging and yet horrifying story. It all started when... I was in my office one day trying to figure

  • Mystery, Amazement and Wonder in Stories

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    Feelings of wonder, mystery and strange uniqueness which we all experience from time to time were the true starting point of my project; the magical feeling of well-written stories, and strange events, the feeling which we look for in the wonders of nature and in the stories of our own lives. It is a feeling of wonder, characteristic of children; the sense that there is something very unusual about our world, the fact that it is a wonder that should be impossible, and yet - here we are observing

  • The Ways in Which the Writers Create an Atmosphere of Tension, Mystery and Suspense in the Stories The Monkeys Paw and The Red Room

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    Atmosphere of Tension, Mystery and Suspense in the Stories The Monkeys Paw and The Red Room Ans. The Monkeys Paw, a very well written gothic short story by W. W. Jacobs, has an immense variety of elements, which create an atmosphere of mystery and suspense in the story, which also links and can be compared to the short story, The Red Room, written by H. G. Wells. The various steps, which the authors took to bring out the nature of their stories, were indeed similar. We

  • Family Secrets And Mystery In The Story Of Oedipus

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    The story of Oedipus is a perfect example of family secrets and mysteries that lie within a society. No matter which era or generation, there will always be similar stories and events like Oedipus. Mankind is fascinated by mystery, and when is specific to their families, the urge and curiosity to get to the bottom of things will always be present. The basic questions of who am I? And where did I come from? Will always be the driving force behind any individual in the search for the truth. The story