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  • Lab Report : Mythbusters And The Scientific Method

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    Chemistry 1 11/9 Lab Report 1: Mythbusters and the Scientific Method Tough Titanium: Gianina L., Amira C., Najma S., James M. 1.The myth investigated in the episode is whether or not the “brace position” utilized on aircrafts is designed to kill you―as the position aims to break the passenger’s neck―if the plane was to crash. 2. The hypothesis is that the “brace position” is meant to kill you by breaking your neck, instead of protecting you from impact. The logic being, that it is cheaper

  • Apollo Twelve Of The Apollo

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    the moon has no atmosphere, there cannot be any air to blow the flag around. However, in 2008, the Mythbusters debunked this aspect of the Apollo Eleven conspiracy. Mythbusters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman proposed that the moon 's atmosphere is identical to a vacuum chamber. They then took a replica flag to NASA headquarters. NASA headquarters had access to a large vacuum chamber which the Mythbusters placed the flag in. To conspiracy theorists shock, the flag began to wave back and forth as if the

  • Mythbusters Experiment

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    The Mythbusters observed the myth that driving whilst talking on the phone is as dangerous as driving drunk. They formed their hypothesis that driving on the phone is as dangerous as driving drunk. Then, they tested their hypothesis. They created an experiment that would have participants drive a car through a course three times. Each time a participant went through the course, they experience different conditions. The first time, both participants drove through the course normally. This served as

  • Trapped With Mythbusters

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    choose to be trapped inside of Mythbusters. The reason I would choose so would be because it involves some interesting and insane concepts and I would be able to do some of the things that normally happens on that show. My mind has always been quite inquisitive and I have always enjoyed building devices and structures. With Mythbusters I would be able to satisfy that desire and do what I enjoy doing, messing around while using my knowledge. The entire idea of Mythbusters is about discovering if certain

  • The Urban Legend of Bloody Mary Essay

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    Bloody Mary Version 3 The story of Bloody Mary is told in different versions all around the world has been included in nine different movies (three in the past two years) (The Internet Movie Database). This particular version of the popular urban legend of Bloody Mary originates locally from North Potomac, Maryland. The storyteller is a female 19-year-old Caucasian sophomore student, currently studying psychology at the University. The story was collected in the spring on the University campus

  • The Story of Black Aggie Essay

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    The Story of Black Aggie Urban legends are the supernatural folklore of our modern society. From one generation to the next, they orally travel throughout the world, constantly changing from one region to the next. Although cultural variations exist, the core of all these urban legends remains the same, to unveil the universally known individual and societal fears. “The Graveyard Wager” is a timeless urban legend told again and again, and the one of which I will explore more in depth. A

  • Mythbuster Research Paper

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    The three original Mythbusters trio, Grant Imahara, Kari Byron and Tory Belleci comes back to your screens in a new scientific series. The new series will air on Netflix and is called the White Rabbit Project. It is the same angle as Mythbusters except that it dips more into pop culture, history and science. Next Big Future has it that the title stems from the Alice in Wonderland bit. Where Alice follows the rabbit down the rabbit hole. The three hosts have the degrees to back up their new investigative

  • Parenting: A Brief Analysis Of Mythbusters

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    Mythbusters presented a hypothesis that a person driving while on the phone is just as dangerous as one drunk. They ran several test to try and solve their belief of which would affect the driver the most. They had two subjects for their testings, a male and a female. They both were asked to preform a series of tasks while driving like normal. They were made to complete it three different times. Once like normal, and the others either on the phone or intoxicated. The constant of this experiment was

  • Computer Science Mythbusters Research Paper

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    Dailton Rabelo CS305 Mythbusters There are many Computer Science myths that are propagated throughout modern media. These technical myths can be seen as positive and sometimes negative. A big myth that is often propagated is the idea of hacking as an individual. Hackers are seen to possess a sort of superpower that allows them to hack anything alone. In movies and tv shows, hackers are shown to be able to infiltrate everything from social media accounts to governments. I want to debunk the myth

  • Essay On Dirty Cars

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    experiment by the Mythbusters is about weather a clean car or dirty car is more fuel efficient. The Mythbusters conducted an experiment with only one car to as a controlled car (Mythbusters Season 7 Episode 14 Cleans Car vs Dirty Car). This one car will be subjected to all the experiment by the mythbusters. First the mythbusters made the car dirty and tested the car to go 1 mile at a speed of 65 miles per hour to see how much fuel it took and the result was 26 miles to the gallon (Mythbusters Season 7 Episode