Nahanni National Park Reserve

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    As our children were growing older, we realized this year was probably our last vacation with all of our kids. As such my husband, Mike and I decided to take our kids and our dog by canoe and kayak almost 200 miles down the mighty Makenzie River. Jennifer aged 17, Shelly 13, and Ricky 9, prepared for a week without phones, stores, or television. Our plan was to canoe from Fort Simpson to Wrigley. Wrigley was the end of the road after the Mackenzie Highway. It would be an incredible family adventure

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    Northwest Territory is second biggest of the three territories in Canada. It stretches out from the 60th parallel toward the North Pole. It also incorporates a few extensive islands situated in the Arctic Ocean. Yukon (Territory) is toward the west and Arctic Ocean is north. Nunavut (Territory) is east, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan are south. Yellowknife is the capital city of Northwest Territory. It is otherwise called the Diamond Capital of North America. THE PEOPLE The population

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    Canada’s have 47 locations of national parks. The mostly Canada’s national parks are popular for mountains, ice and beautiful sceneries. ‘Banff National Park’ one of the popular national park in Canada, which located in Alberta. It is famous for coloured lake, mountain, outside adventure and beautiful sceneries. This park located in Canadian Rocky Mountains. (National Parks List, 2008) This park provide variety of visitor experience. There are so many tourist activities available for visitors like

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