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  • Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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    We’re in support group again, huddled in our own, white-walled rectangle. Every day, we meet and every day we share, right in the middle of our dark maze. Our maze didn’t naturally come with a support group room. I’m not sure what ghost decided to create one but, I do know that as a community, it was decided that we needed one. The idea was that we all needed to share; share our stories, our mistakes, and share all about the deadly power that makes us who we are. I mean, why else would we be isolated

  • Descriptive Essay On The Game Of Life

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    This garnet has kept my mind running a number of times. In bed, in a befuddlement during school, in the car waiting for a red light to turn green. Sometimes I thought “It’s not even a big deal”, but most of the time I laid wide awake because the anticipation made my heart race. The rapid beating of my heart similar to the thrill of playing Pacman. Racing around the grid, the familiar “waka waka” ringing through my ears. In some ways, my ring represents reaching the next level of this game, the game

  • Cultural Relevance, Understanding And Education

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    Cultural relevance, understanding and education are the key areas that modern museums seem to be addressing seriously. As a public institution a museum must consider its role in society, the way culture is represented and displayed and most of all, how interpretation affects those not of museum training backgrounds, for example a visitor or patron. Some would argue that art, is an expression of a culture and its political and economic values (Hein 2006), while others would suggest that is the artifacts

  • Stolen Art of the Holocaust

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    all of the art stolen was definitely a dark spot. Most people don’t realize, but the art was taken from all Jews and many others by the Nazis. Some pieces of art have been found, but most still remain lost. Many that have been discovered are in museums and are not given to the true owners. There should be efforts spent on finding and recovering the art stolen by the Nazis to return it to their rightful owners. Hitler would have his soldiers take the art from the homes where the Jews lived when

  • The University Of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum Essay

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    assignment, I visited the University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum (CAM). The USF Contemporary Art Museum is a compact museum on campus located near the Dance buildings and the Theatres. The museum opened its establishment in 1989 and has offered a wide range of art from around the world including the United States, Africa, Europe, and Latin America ( In order to keep students engaged in the art, the museum changes its exhibits a couple times a year. Currently, the exhibition

  • A Brief Note On Toit ƒ™ Otago Settlers Museum Essay

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    Toitū Otago Settlers Museum (TOSM) is a regional museum that focuses on the history of the early settlers to Otago. As New Zealand’s first great city, Dunedin holds a lot of history and was one of the main settlement sites of New Zealand. Toitū is considered a Dunedin City Council facility and underwent a redevelopment several years ago. The museum reopened its doors in December of 2012 and has since seen a large increase of visitor numbers in comparison to the ‘old’ museum. Kiri Griffin – Collections

  • Museums and Photographs in the Open-Air

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    history of its origins, was brought back to India in 2012. Accompanied by a team of ethnologists from Germany and England, the photographs were exhibited in Tejgadh, in the state of Gujarat in northwest India, in different locations: in the still young “Museum of Voice” of the Adivasi Academy, in individual private houses in the neighbouring villages and in a consecrated place in the open air, reserved for rituals. This latter-mentioned setting has been recorded in the above-mentioned photo. Mounted on

  • Essay on Meaningful Symbols in the Rye by J.D Salinger

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    contains many key symbols that help develop the novel, and to help show Holden Caulfield’s point of view on the way he sees the world. Three of these key symbols include: Holden Caulfield’s red hunting hat, the ducks in the Central Park lagoon, and The Museum of Natural History. One of the most important and recognizable symbols in the novel is Holden Caulfield’s red hunting hat. It symbolizes his uniqueness. The way he wears the hat gives off an impression that he wants to be very

  • Hum 111 Week 10 Assignment 3 Strayer

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    general area. Visiting a Museum • It makes sense to approach a museum the way a seasoned traveler approaches visiting a city for the first time. Find out what there is available to see. In the museum, find out what sort of exhibitions are currently housed in the museum and start with the exhibits that interest you. • If there is a travelling exhibition, it’s always a good idea to see it while you have the chance. Then, if you have time, you can look at other things in the museum. • Every effort should

  • Artists And The Art Trade

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    conceptual challenge for museums.’ (Altshuler, 2008, 15). Discuss the challenges that advanced artistic practice presented for museums in the late 19th and early 20th century. The period of the second half of the 19th and the beginnings of the 20th century saw some of the most extensive transformations in the art market and the institution of the art museum in history. With the rise of the avant-garde and new artistic practices, the traditional enlightenment didactic vision of the museum was put under threat