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  • The Evolution Of Female Identity

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    Characterization through stereotyping female identity creates weak characters bound by gender expectations. The evolution of dimensional working-girl protagonists develops an unconventional female identity, which breaks the common tropes of a woman’s role in literature and society. Independent female archetypes often adopt masculine qualities to achieve status, earnest acceptance and independence in a man’s world. The heroine, Nancy Drew, promotes the corrosion of traditional female identity, inheriting

  • Analysis Of The Secret Of The Old Clock, By Carolyn Keeane

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    The relationships between the characters was a new phenomenon that I had never been exposed to before. The fact that Nancy was acquainted to so many seemingly insignificant people introduced me to different types of interactions between characters, and eventually caused me to read closer as I realized that everyone that she met was a possible suspect. Also, The Secret of the Old Clock exposed

  • Octavia Spencer : An Analysis

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    ‘“Dreams have as much influence as actions”’(Mallarme). Octavia Spencer's dream was to become an actress, but in order to accomplish this she had to put forth time and effort. Octavia had her share of obstacles, but she pushed through them to get to where she is today. She was not the wealthiest, the smartest, or even the best looking. However, she had determination, with this she stood out among the rest of the competition. Octavia is who she is today because of her family, her education and her

  • Who Is Carolyn Keeee?

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    The person behind the Name. The persona who created one of the mist enigmatic characters in all of 20th-century children’s literature. Who was she? Who was he? Or more specifically, who were they? Carolyn Keene is more than just an iconic pen name, it also holds a mystery of its own. To define an adequate biographical sketch for Carolyn Keene, one must first consider the genesis of her existence. Edward Stratemeyer is truly Carolyn Keene as far as formal definition is concerned. A popular children’s

  • Nancy Drew : A Positive Feminist Role Model

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    been reading Nancy Drew for eighty-seven years, she is a staple in most households with elementary age girls. For me, Nancy represented everything I wanted to be at 18, she was intelligent, fearless, beautiful, and she had a car. I never compared myself to Nancy, she was what I aspired to be and what I expected to be when I grew up. She was one of the first feminist role models I had as a child and I believe she was pivotal to my foundation as an independent, outspoken woman. I see Nancy herself as

  • Mabel Beasley in Shiloh Essay

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    "Shiloh", has all the characteristics of a Marine Drill Sergeant. A Drill Sergeant will inspect living areas for cleanliness, demand everything be in its proper place, maintain strict discipline, and change certain personality or character traits. The Drill Sergeant will force any person, without a strong spirit, to perform acts of defiance against themselves, society, or the object of their tribulations. These Drill Sergeant characteristics are very evident in the way Mabel governed

  • My Life Of My Mother

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    Literacy has always been close to my identity as a person. My mother wanted the best for her children, and therefore would sing and read to us as soon as we were born. She encouraged out love of words and books by taking us to the library for reading time and always seemed to find the most amazing books for us to explore. My mother is very musically gifted, so songs were part of our daily routine. There are still little songs that pop into my head about daily tasks that she created to help us

  • The Comic Stumptown By Greg Rucka And Matthew Southworth And The Retro Audio Podcast Nick Carter Essay

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    The comic Stumptown by Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth and the retro audio podcast Nick Carter: Master Detective starring Lon Clack portray the different roles of women in detective fiction. Nick Carter was on the radio from 1943 to 1955, and represents more traditional roles for gender. Over the 125 episodes, the radio show followed detective Nick Carter and his female assistant, Patsy on different crime scene investigations. Carter was also able to solve seemingly impossible crimes by looking

  • Review Of ' Shiloh ' By Toni Morrison

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    The protagonists are the most important characters of the stories. They play an essential part in building the story to its climax. The protagonists encounter with different characters and their experiences with those characters became paramount in developing the outcome of the story at the end. Sometimes we overlook the significance of non-protagonists. Many non-protagonist characters have a significant impact on the protagonists. In “Shiloh” written by Bobbie Ann Mason, Norma Jean and Leroy are

  • Nancy Drew Secret In The Old Attic Analysis

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    ✾Nancy Drew Secret In the Old Attic Book Report✾ Did you expect the conclusion/culprit to be who/what it was? If so, what was some evidence. If not, what led you to believe otherwise? I expected Bushy Trott to be the culprit for the fabric factory robbery of the recipe for the fabric because he had worked at both factories and knew the recipes for the fabric making. I half suspected that he plagiarized the music because there were a lot possible people who they thought could be committing the