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  • Effects Of The War On Vietnamese Children

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    the impact of the War to Vietnamese children is Napalm girl picture which was taken 1972 and considered as one of the 25 most iconic photographs. The historical values and the right moment that picture taken are two main reasons why this photo has become so special and iconic. The Napalm girl picture has mark important historical events in the Vietnam War. In the picture, several children were running away from the area which was attacked by napalm bombs with a few South Vietnamese soldiers. In

  • Analysis Of You And I Are Disappearing By Jusef Komunyakaa

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    It Is A Little Bit Deeper Than That Jusef Komunyakaa’s poem “You and I Are Disappearing” is about an experience in which the author was helplessly looking at a village girl getting devoured by flames that were caused by a firebomb called napalm. Within the context of the gruesome of war, the author puts down in words the vivid images of both the civilian and the soldier during the Vietnam War. While the village girl was engulfed by the flames, causing her physical pain, the soldier was also powerless

  • Shoe Horn Sonata Distinctive Visual Essay example

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    comments about survival in war and the power in distinctively visual ways through particular words. He relies upon adjectives, personification and the use of imagery to describe the suffering. In Nick Ut’s photograph from 1973 ‘The Napalm Girl of Trangbang’ which is about the Vietnam war and these

  • Song Of Napalm Essay

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    ‘Song of Napalm’ and my life experiences It often happens that literature leaves us pondering over things that happen in our life. It won’t be wrong to say that some works leave us intrigued and even intimidated. It varies from person to person, the effect that literary works have on the mind. When I talk about myself, few literary works, especially a few poems, have always left me thinking about the ways of life. Here, I would like to mention that Bruce Weigl’s ,”song of Napalm”, has always

  • Tender Napalm by Philip Ridley

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    Tender Napalm is a play by the celebrated, contemporary British playwright Philip Ridley.1 The play was published in 2011 and premiered in the Southwark Playhouse in London. Ridley’s oeuvre consists of work in eclectic styles and written for various different audiences (he is a prolific creator of material for children, as well as plays for adults with difficult and often violent themes). Many attempts have been made to classify Ridley within the so-called “in-yer-face” movement within British theatre

  • Review Of ' Grave Of The Fireflies ' And The Picture Of ' Accidental Napalm '

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    ‘Grave of the fireflies’ and the picture of ‘Accidental napalm’. ‘Grave of the fireflies is the realistic drama which focusing on the story of the fourteen-year-old Seita and his four-year-old sister suffering and eventual starvation deaths by the World War II. In the photo of Napalm Girl which released on the June 9, 1972 about the image of nine-year-old South Vietnamese girl who running naked on the road way to get away from an American napalm strike with her body got on fire, arms outstretched and

  • War and Memory in Irene Zabytko?s ?Home Soil?, Bruce Weigl?s ?Song of Napalm?, and Wilfred Owen?s ?Dulce et Decorum Est?

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    “Song of Napalm” by Bruce Weigl, and “Dulce et Decorum Est” by Wilfred Owen all have the same feelings of war and memory, although not everyone experiences the same war. Zabytko, Weigl, and Owen used shifting beats, dramatic descriptions, and intense, painful images, to convince us that the horror of war far outweighs the

  • Kim Phuc Will Forever Be Scarred

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    Kim Phuc will forever be scarred by the June 8, 1972 napalm bombing. The famous photo of Kim Phuc was photographed by, Associated Press (AP) photographer, Nick Ut. Within a year the photo had captured the 1973 Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography for "The Terror of War". This year is the 42nd year anniversary of the photo being taken. A moment encountered during the disarray of war would be both Kim’s her saviour and her curse. In the pulitzer prize-winning photo the 9-year-old girl will forever

  • Morality And Ethical Connotations Of War

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    INTRODUCTION Humans have discussed and argued about the morality and ethical connotations of war, and the means in which we conduct our wars, for thousands of years. Every major civilization in our world has an evolved tradition on what is and is not acceptable on the battlefields in which we meet. These traditions and views continue to change based on a reflection on similar concerns. These concerns are the questions to which we seek answers to that help shape who we are as individuals and countries

  • Facts About The Vietnam War

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    The longest recorded and arguably one of the most controversial wars in American history is the Vietnam war. In 1959, the communist government of North Vietnam had devised a guerrilla campaign in democratic South Vietnam. The government of North Vietnam had the goal of uniting both countries under a communist reign. The United States quickly became an ally with South Vietnam because they feared the spread of communism. The aftermath of the war resulted in sixty thousand American deaths and two million