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  • The Importance Of Having A Car On Students

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    thus, a reliable source of transportation is a losing battle. Although we have a shuttle that brings us to and from Riverside and the Natick Mall the scheduled times are not beneficial. Regis should have the shuttle be more accessible to students more frequently. As a freshman who is not allowed to have a car on campus I find it inconvenient that the shuttle to the Natick Mall comes every three to five hours. A major aspect of a college education is students learning independence and freedom; therefore

  • The Museum Of Ancient Egyptian Art

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    The Museum of Ancient Egyptian Art collections, including artifacts and objects relating to the different periods of ancient Egyptian history, starting from the prehistoric period until the Greek roman period. The museum maintains an information system consisting of all the records pertaining to the museum’s collection. The principle components of this system are as following: 1. Board of Trustees Records: The Board of Trustees Records reflect the activities of Museum of the Ancient Egyptian Art

  • Art Analysis: Less Than Art

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    comparative Essay written by Thomas Brooks, Benjamin Dutton, Jasmine Smith and Megan Thomason. Collection displays inhibit the ideologies of a singular conceptual premise under the constraints of the viability and range within the institutions collection, whereas the tasks involved in composing a monographic show, including the original parameters of an institution͛s collection, result in further curatorial concerns (George 2015, 39). How does the curatorial rationale

  • Cultural Relevance, Understanding And Education

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    Cultural relevance, understanding and education are the key areas that modern museums seem to be addressing seriously. As a public institution a museum must consider its role in society, the way culture is represented and displayed and most of all, how interpretation affects those not of museum training backgrounds, for example a visitor or patron. Some would argue that art, is an expression of a culture and its political and economic values (Hein 2006), while others would suggest that is the artifacts

  • A Brief Note On Toit ƒ™ Otago Settlers Museum Essay

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    ‘old’ museum. Kiri Griffin – Collections Manager Job Description Kiri Griffin is currently the Collections Manager of Toitū; and as a member of the Toitū Otago Settlers Museum Management Team she oversees collections, conservation, and archives, whilst supporting the work of exhibitions, visitor experience, and communications and operations. Key responsibilities of the collections manager include managing the Museum 's collections team, developing and implementing collection policies and procedures to

  • Essay On Cultural Encounter Museum

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    of visiting The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens in Jacksonville, Florida. The museum was founded in 1958 by Ninah Cummer, who had a very nice art collection in her home. The Cummer Museum is built on the site of Arthur and Ninah Cummer’s home and is considered the largest fine arts museum in northeast Florida. The museum has a permanent collection of more than 5,000 objects from various points in history, and the historic gardens have many statues and monuments. Artifacts in the museum include

  • Photography Is A Culture, Not Just A Medium

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    exhibition, whilst allowing counter-narratives and alternative readings to exist. THE PRELIMINARY PROCESS Working with an established collection – like The University of Auckland Art Collection, curators need to work creatively in order to produce an exhibition that is both innovative and adequately represents the collection. The University of Auckland Collection includes approximately 140 photographs that are situated around the various campuses and storage facilities. With such a range to choose

  • The Pros And Cons Of Re-Thinking Museums

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    1.2. Re-thinking Museums The second part of chapter one discusses the ways digitization is changing the face of museums and archives, in terms of the ways they curate device collections. This unprecedented and continuous shift has left many cultural institutions struggling to adapt and are forcing them to rethink how to maintain their unique qualities while at the same time adding value. Today, no organization is immune to the disruptions caused by digitization and technological innovation, forever

  • Should The Public Heritage Collections Be Done?

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    failure of museum to capitalize their collections and report them as assets. According to the Australian Accounting Standards, annual general-purpose financial reports will be misrepresented if heritage and collections are included as assets. One of the criteria’s of an asset is to bring future economic benefit. The question raised in relation to museum is whether the public heritage collections have any future economic benefits deriving from the collections which is economic to the museum? These

  • Nature Of Human Tissue Specimens Within Museum Collections

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    anecdotal oral history and cannot be verified through documentation. Within the last twenty years, the controversial nature of human tissue specimens within museum collections has sometimes led to their disposal, and the erosion of technical conservation skills relating to this particular type of collection. The UCL Pathology Collection has in recent