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  • Responsibilities Of The National Defense University

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    The National Defense University (NDU) is the premier Department of Defense component responsible for educating, developing and inspiring national security leaders. Oversight responsibility fall upon the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff. This oversight ensures select leaders, both foreign and domestic, are prepared to support the country’s common defense through academics and engagement. Students who complete the rigorous academic programs receive either graduate degrees or graduate level certificates

  • Pros And Cons Of Transgender Soldiers In The Military

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    Did you know that 87 percent of students not going to college right out of high school do NOT meet the military recruitment standards? So why would we want to refuse nearly 1 percent of our military from serving (Feinberg)? Since Donald Trump was inaugurated, transgender recruiting for the military has decreased (Brook). Then on July 26, 2017, President Donald Trump tweeted that the U.S. military would no longer be accepting transgender soldiers in the military (Ingraham). This reverses the policy

  • Donald Trump Strengths And Weaknesses

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    in economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. During school, he worked for his father at his real estate and construction firm. He was given the business in 1971.He got involved in large building projects in Manhattan.Trump co-hosted a reality tv show called “The Apprentice”. June 2015 he announced his candidacy for president as a Republican. In July he was formally announced for president at the 2016 Republican National Convention(Bio). Hillary Clinton was born

  • Essay The Anti-Ballistic Missile Debate

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    radars, the same rockets, and largely the same deployment which was contemplated for the "heavy" defense. Safeguard continues to look like a first step toward a much bigger, more expensive and still ineffective system.”(York 213) This brings me to my first point: cost. The ABM appeared to have all the characteristics of a solution in search of a problem. This characteristic shows up all too often in defense research and development programs, especially in the field of nuclear weaponry. A possibly fundamental

  • Essay on National Missile Defense

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    National Missile Defense Historical Perspective On March 23, 1983, through a nationally televised address to the nation, then President Ronald Reagan envisioned a ”Star Wars” defense system to replace the existing element of mutual deterrence between the two Cold War superpowers. The system calls for a high-tech impenetrable ballistic missile shield for the United States. The speech marks the birth of the Strategic Defense Initiative1 (SDI). It came about when the Soviets then had numerical

  • Unit's Preparedness Training At The Mobilization Training Center

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    including each assigned battery (BTRY), obtain validation by First Army Division West which confirm the integrated, collective capabilities of their air defense wartime mission essential tasks at Fort (Ft) Bliss, Texas (TX). Operation Per Diem Throughout the National Guard community those familiar with the national capital region’s air defense mission, often jokingly refer to it as Operation Per Diem. Once a unit receives mobilization orders, Soldiers initiate a scramble to secure an assignment

  • The Relationship Between the Us and North Korea

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    I really see it as no different than my abusive partner wanting to cut off my food supply for taking a self defense class such as being offered locally soon. That would just raise my red flags higher. I feel this is much the same view that North Korea is seeing with Mr

  • Student Republican Party Platform Essay

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    the American people, our country has experienced more growth and prosperity than any other nation in recorded history. However, dark challenges threaten the moral fiber of this great nation. The past eight years, under Clinton’s leadership, the national government has lacked the fortitude to effectively battle the dangerously extremist trends that have gradually forced their way into the American culture. In order for America to be the great nation it once was, the Republican Party must be in power

  • Article Review On Donald Trump

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    Among the websites that were listed for us to examine were some that focused on certain topics such as the salaries of our congressmen and the happenings of the US treasury, and others that were broad and covered many topics. I found myself spending more time on these websites that covered many topics. The Daily Caller is one of these broad websites that featured the current events in politics, the international community, entertainment, sports and business. The political section on the Daily Caller

  • Essay about The Missile Defense System of the United States

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    The Missile Defense System of the United States Abstract      When Ronald Reagan was in the Presidency, he and his staff came up with the idea for a missile defense system that would defend the country in the event of a nuclear missile attack. This system was named "Star Wars" and the basic principal behind it was that it would be a shield that covered all fifty states. However, government officials soon realized that Reagan's defense system was impossible to build, so the program was dropped,