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  • The National Liberation Front : A Plan Of The Investigation

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    A: Plan of the Investigation In 1979 the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) took power in Nicaragua. The emancipation and equality of women was one of the party’s goals. The investigation will examine women’s societal position before the FSLN overthrew the Samoza dictatorship and to what extent their rule improved said position. In turn, that improvement will be examined through women’s involvement outside the home, primarily in conjunction with the FSLN, and to what extent that involvement

  • The National Front Analysis

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    The main far right party in France is the National Front (FN), founded in 1972 by Jean-Marie Le Pen and some of his far right acquaintances who were outraged at the declining power of France within Europe and around the globe. Le Pen made the FN a tight focused organization. He focused the FN mainly on anti-immigration issues as well as re-establishing a sense of law and order. The routine failure of the traditional political parties in tackling the economic and immigration issues of France led to

  • The National Salvation Front

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    The National Salvation Front (FSN), led by Ion Iliescu, comprised the new provisional government. Iliescu gained popularity by proclaiming his role in the death of Ceauşescu and championing a new “one party democracy” (Wolchik and Cury 318). Ceauşescu’s legacy and the lack of political competition in Romania led the citizen’s of Romania to believe in the empty promises of reform made by the FSN and Iliescu. The National Salvation Front promised to be a transitional government and to offer free and

  • The Political Parties Of The National Front

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    nation-states on a social, economic and political level, along with the recent European Refugee Crisis, has contributed to the momentum right-wing populist parties are gaining across Western Europe. This paper will examine the political parties of the National Front in France, along with the Party for Freedom in The Netherlands. Drawing on qualitative and quantitative data, along with case studies of the contemporary politics of each respective country, this paper will look to uncover the political, economic

  • The Aryan National Liberation Front

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    Arthur “Buzz” Hirsch, a St. Joseph News-Press reporter, conducted a background investigation on the Aryan National Liberation Front (ANLF). This group is one of white supremacist and anti-government ideology. This group, according to confidential sources, is involved in harassment and tax evasion. Two incidents, a bombing on February 12th (which two men have been arrested for) and a shooting that took place on March 10th, are believed to be connected to the ANLF. However, a confidential sources

  • The Moro National Liberation Front

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    establishment of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). MNLF sought to establish an autonomous Muslim region within the country. (Fowler, 2011) MNLF used guerilla style tactics against the country for several years before agreeing to a ceasefire with the Philippine government in 1976. (Fowler, 2011) As with many ceasefire agreements not everyone within the group was in favor of the deal therefore resulting in members establishing a separate group known as the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) which established

  • How The French Presidential Elections Will Affect The Entire World

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    Assembly Nationale. “It will be a real challenge for both,” says Callanan as “a new party has never gained a majority.” He paused. “But Macron has a better chance than Le Pen.” One important issue that the new president will need to address is on the national security, as terrorist attacks are at their peek right now in France. While Le Pen is focused on immigration, Macron is focused on adding 50,000 police and specialised training. When asked who will appeal more to the public, Callanan said“ people

  • The War Of National Liberation Front Of Algeria

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    by Israeli freedom fighters (or terrorists), British backers in SOE had been ordered by prime minister Winston Churchill to "set Europe ablaze" they weren`t terrorist but freedom fighters. Their work of sabotage and ambush was a tactic of a war of national liberation. This was the justification used after the war by many anticolonial movements, like the Viet minh against French rule in Vietnam. They were supplied to fight to fight the Japanese later, after 1945, the

  • Political Structure Of The Government

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    majority vote through a two-round system[.]) The Council of the Nation has 96 members who are elected through an electoral college, while 48 members are appointed by the President. They serve 6 years regardless of if they’re elected or appointed. The National People’s Assembly (APN) is filled by a closed-list proportional representation system. Members of the APN serve in 5 year terms (IFES).   Political Parties For much of its inception, the FLN maintained political dominance in Algeria. In fact, the

  • The Arab Region

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    The Arab region has a conspicuous dilemma regarding countries’ inability to develop into democratic nations. One would expect that because of historical events and transformations in government policies that at least a few of the Arab nations would emerge as democracies. And yet, none have been able to do so. There are several factors that may cause this democracy deficit in the region, but one must realize that every country has its own specific and unique case. Arab countries of the Middle East