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  • Digital Archive Analysis : Histories Of The National Mall

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    Digital Archive Analysis: Histories of the National Mall Histories of the National Mall is a digital Public History project backed by the National Endowment for the Humanities, sponsored by George Mason University. and developed by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media. There is a search bar at the top and underneath is a section entitled “discover.” Under this heading there are links to maps, explorations, people and past events. The links are sectioned out into squares with

  • The Importance Of Building A Monument

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    strength through a statue, you may not want to build a 5 foot tall, flimsy aluminum statue of a smiling soldier with open arms, ready to embrace a hug. The significance of a monumental purpose was highlighted in Christine Musser’s “Preserving Memory: National Holocaust Memorial Museum

  • Persuasive Essay On Monuments And Memorials

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    Monuments, are how we as people can relive the past and be able to put ourselves at that time period. For Americans the 9/11 memorial puts us in the gravity and it gives us the impact of what that disaster did but, it also shows a sense of beauty with how the water falls into the spot where once stood a tall and powerful building. Monuments, have the aura that has a sense of empathy and shows more emotion than words ever could, the Holocaust museum gives a solid reminder of what genocide really is

  • Analysis Of ' Out Of The Mountain Of Despair ' A Stone Of Hope

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    view it in the general public. Secondly, placement is a key factor in creating a monument of someone or an event. As described in Source E, placement could offend the surrounding population. In this source, the Holocaust Museum is located in The Mall in Washington, DC and it offended both Jewish and non-Jewish communities. This is “primarily due to the fact that a museum dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust would be built in the United States, who did little to stop the Holocaust from occurring

  • Washington Museum Research Paper

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    What's that? You've only got 72 hours to capitalise your time in the Capital? Why not take a stroll down the National Mall that is the front yard for millions of americans or walk through vast open gardens. Museums don’t appeal? The vast culture and food will make you more then happy to overstay your welcome (seriously don’t it's a federal offense.) More often than not, with the wide roads, Washington can be approached from two directions. That of immersing yourself in the plethora of information

  • Sightseeing Trip : Washington, D.c

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    Washington, D.C. is Old Town Trolley Tours. I recently took one of their tours while on vacation. Old Town Trolley Tours has three trolley routes (or "loops"). The orange loop passes by the National Mall and Downtown. The green loop shows the National Cathedral, Uptown and Georgetown. The red loop travels to Arlington National Cemetery. My family took the orange loop, since it was my kids ' first time in the nation 's capital and we wanted to see the monuments. All three loops have a total of 19 combined

  • Descriptive Essay : Broad Stripes And Bright Stars

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    caresses my hair. A nearby confluence of the Potomac River is populated with yachts and ships as if to set up a Battleship game. I sit surrounded by silhouettes of men and women spread across the lawn just outside of an apartment complex in the National Mall area. Some guests in the crowd seem to cackle as they toast by clinking their wine glasses against one another’s. On the ground, occasional camera flashes provide the only sources of the light other than the yellow moon hung low behind thin scudding

  • The Statue Of Liberty

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    Throughout centuries, architecture and monuments have given America the name it has today. Some of the oldest forms of art made on American soil hundreds of years ago are what is cherished dearly today. There are over a hundred different statues alone in the US that near and dear to us all but thousands forms of art that makes Americans proud to be called American. United States is a place that underwent plenty of struggles and monumental milestones to make it the powerful land it has become today

  • Importance Of Visit To The Holocaust Museum

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    When I was in between my junior and senior year of high school, I was given the chance to travel to Washington, D.C. to participate in the National History Day competition. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and ignited a passion for traveling the world. When in D.C. we all went to thousands of museums. The first day that we were there, we went to the Holocaust Museum. It was such a somber experience, I don’t think I heard a word uttered out of anyone’s mouth until we reached

  • Jesuit Values In Daily Life

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    of a vacation in Washington D.C. with my family. I was walking towards the capitol along the National Mall with no particular destination, watching the stage being built on the capital for the inauguration of Donald Trump. I had campaigned for Hillary Clinton, and I was still digesting the results of the election, feeling anything but pride for the state of our nation. Then I saw a sign for the National Archives and, for some reason, felt drawn to visit. After the short walk to the building and waiting