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  • Ritter EA Framwork Research Paper

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    Enterprise Architecture and Systems EA Framework Research Paper Introduction An Enterprise Architecture Framework (EAF) provides principles and practices for creating and using the architecture description of a system. Frameworks are used to help organizations answer specific question. Enterprise Architecture framework importance is de-emphasized deliberately sometimes. Without a framework though, it is impossible to have foreseeable and repeatable outcomes. There are many EA frameworks out there

  • Annotated Bibliography Of Enterprise Architecture

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    Annotated Bibliography: Enterprise Architecture Introduction to Enterprise Architecture Bernard, S. A. (2012). EA3: An Overview of Enterprise Architecture. In An Introduction to Enterprise Architecture (3rd ed.). Bloomington, Indiana: AuthorHouse. The information from this chapter provides the reader with an understanding of the basic concepts in the EA process. However, if the reader is new to the concept of EA, this chapter is somewhat overwhelming to understand. Nonetheless, it provides six

  • Design Oriented And Patterns Oriented Perspective On An Enterprise Architecture Framework Essay

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    Introduction Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a coherent set of descriptions, covering a regulations-oriented, design-oriented and patterns-oriented perspective on an enterprise, which provides indicators and controls that enable the informed governance of the enterprise’s evolution and succesd1. In simple terms, an EA is a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure of an organization in terms of its operation and interaction among various units within it. As organizations become larger, operations

  • Building A Target Conformant And Flexible Enterprise Architecture

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    and flexible Enterprise Architecture, and to put it in a perspective, it is very important to analyse and visualize various academic and industrial frameworks and comprehend and define its concepts. Various definitions describe different architectural processes, systems, technologies, components and their relationships (Taleb et al, 2012a).The following section discusses three industrial and three academic frameworks which provide different viewpoints of Enterprise Architecture. Analysis: Figure

  • Literature Review. John Zachman Is The Person Who Developed

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    saw that there was a need for better management of these ever increasingly complex systems. It is increasingly said that Zachman Framework is not a method but an ontology of how information is collected and organized into architectural artifacts. These artifacts are organized into objects of who is the principle for this bit of information, and to what

  • What Is The Zachman Framework

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    Q.2: Summary of Zachman Framework and its comparison with iterative model. What is Zachman Framework? : The Zachman Framework is known to be an enterprise ontology and also known to be a very fundamental structure for Enterprise Architecture which gives a unique, formal and a structured way of viewing, and defining an enterprise. The ontology revolves around two dimensional classification schema which reflects an intersection between the two historical classifications. The first one’s are the primitives

  • Establishing Architecture For Large Enterprise Solutions

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    Establishing Architecture for Large Enterprise Solutions in Agile Environment Sujatha Dantuluri Software Architecture Karsun Solutions LLC Herndon, USA Abstract—Companies are adopting Agile, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Lean to deliver software faster to the market. These stack of methodologies ensure early delivery and faster time to recover from mistakes. While developing software iteratively we need to ensure design and quality are not compromised to speed. SAFe proposes to use emergent

  • Impact On Ea And Its Conventional Practices Of Enterprise Architecture

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    IOE IMPACT ON EA - Introduction Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a well-established practice followed within most of the enterprises to conduct planning, analysis, design and execution. On the other hand, Internet of Everything (IOE) is a radically new concept of connecting people, process, data and things. This article researches on the impact of IOE on the conventional practices of Enterprise Architecture. The sections below describe EA and its conventional practices. It also describes IOE and

  • Enterprise Architecture ( Ea )

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    Enterprise architecture (EA) is “a well-defined practice for conducting enterprise analysis, design, planning and implementation, using a holistic approach at all times, for the successful development and execution of strategy. Enterprise architecture applies architecture principles and practices to guide organizations through the business, information, process, and technology changes necessary to execute their strategies. These practices utilize the various aspects of an enterprise to identify

  • Building An Information Technology And Information Systems

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    manage and organize. In 1990’s and earlier, a lot of Enterprise Architecture (EA) emerged out of IT function. It is very much about dealing with problems of the day to day. We have real world IT systems which do not interoperate with each other or share information. So, there is a lack of focus on IT integration and interoperability. In 2000’s and to till date, enterprises shifted to be business focused on Enterprise Architecture. However there are a lot of middleware and tools that helps us to