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  • Why Is Kiribati So Important To Australia's Economy?

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    we continue to do nothing to stop it. The Republic of  Kiribati is a set of 33 islands in the south pacific ocean, and its capital, Tarawa, is about halfway between Australia and Hawaii. It is bordered by the Cook Islands, the Marshall Islands, Nauru, French Polynesia, Tokelau and Tuvalu. Kiribati has no international disputes, which is perhaps made more evident by the fact that it has no military. Originally a British Colony,  Kiribati is today a member of the commonwealth of nations. It’s 2

  • What Are The Importance Of Countries Around The World

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    Every once in a while we come across facts that change our perspective of the world. One such fact is the existence of countries which when put together can probably cover half of the area of some cities from the rest of the large countries around the globe. These countries, like most countries, have their own set of laws, governance, cultures and picturesque locales. 1. Vatican City. Spread across an area of 110 acres, the Vatican City is a country within the city of Rome. With a population of

  • China Case Study

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    Australia has always leaned heavily on China as a key trade partner China being the fastest growing nation creating the need for raw materials. A key investor Australia remaining as Chinas preferred investment Candidate. As well as a labour market offering cheap labour to Australian businesses, large commodities buyer and limited taxation and an average of 50% cheaper materials. Creating a heavy reliance on China showing that ultimately Australian businesses would not be able to survive leading to

  • Importance Of Human Rights In Nauru

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    and the right to work and receive an education. In Australia, where asylum seekers are detained on Nauru for processing, there has been much debate about whether this involuntary detention violates human rights, in which many cases the United Nations has stated it does. Nauru, the world's smallest republic, is a small oval shaped coral island; it is located just 25 miles south of the Equator. Nauru is commonly known as the ‘Australian ground refugee island’,

  • Essay On Refuge Seekers

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    would send "the most grounded conceivable flag" to human bootleggers. The proposed boycott is to be put to parliament in the not so distant future. Australia transports refuge seekers who touch base by watercraft to seaward handling focuses in Nauru and Papua New Guinea's Manus Island. Regardless of the possibility that observed to be authentic displaced people, they are as of now obstructed from

  • Australia 's Responsibility For Offshore Processing

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    Australia’s Responsibility for Offshore Processing in Nauru and Papua New Guinea (PNG) In 2013, Australia signed a Regional Settlement Arrangement (RSA) with PNG and later a new Memorandum of Understanding with Nauru regarding refugees resettlement . Notwithstanding Australia’s attempt to evade from its international human rights obligations by sending asylum seekers and refugees outside its territory, as Australia is a party to a number of treaties, including the ICCPR, the ICESCR, the CRC, the

  • Approach To The Refugee Crisis Essay

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    Nauru, Papua New Guinea – Behind a fortress of secrecy, Australia’s 2012 ‘Pacific solution’ accordingly established robust refugee regimes that embody sequestering the world’s very vulnerable victims of war in squalid offshore detention centres reports Robert-Barak Kibaja. This poignant photograph of a refugee girl named Hudea (above) has instigated outpouring heart-breaking emotions of how humanity thwarted the refugee crisis. Consequently, anxious by the crosshairs of war, Hudea gazed into a camera

  • Operation Sovereign Borders

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    This report is directly concerned with the Australian Government’s policies under ‘Operation Sovereign Borders,’ its ‘Regional Resettlement Arrangement’ with Papua New Guinea (PNG), and the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ with the Republic of Nauru, which remove, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) irregular maritime arrivals to countries where their fundamental reason for seeking asylum – persecution on grounds relating to their sexual orientation and/or gender identity – is sufficient

  • Operation Sovereign Borders Essay

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    to Australia’s border security program (Dickson, 2015). The offshore detention, processing and resettlement regime branded the ‘Pacific Solution’ was terminated in 2008; it was reconfigured and resurrected in 2013 (Larkin, 2017). Manus Island and Nauru were closed in 2008 by the Australian Labour government, bringing an end to the ‘Pacific Solution,’ the centres were once again used in 2012 to house asylum seekers by the same government that ended the practice years before (Dickson, 2015). The next

  • A Survey On The Australian Government

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    prolonged periods in places such as Nauru. Through secondary sources the information that was retrieved was abundant about “The Forgotten Children” (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2014) and the abuse and violence that they are witnessing every day. The background and scope into this project is that children are being abused in refugee camps and it is mostly going unnoticed by the public. Doctors are saying that the children that they have seen from camps like Nauru are some of the most traumatized