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  • The Hunger Games, Directed By Neil Burger

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    and effects, consequences, framed in context of how a movie with different scripts can achieve its highest-priority themes and guarantee positive ratings. A 2012 film, The Hunger Games, directed by Gary Ross and 2014 film, Divergent, directed by Neil Burger presents two ideal films focusing on the ethical decisions made by the main characters. This essay aims at identifying the causes and effects of ethical decisions made by the main characters, the impacts of these decisions, how these decisions affect

  • Comparing Neil Burger 's Film ' Divergent ' And James Dasher 's Novel ' The Maze Runner '

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    Neil Burger’s film ‘Divergent’ and James Dasher’s novel ‘The Maze Runner’ are both set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic era with each main character being tested in order to find the right path to freedom. Both texts types share the themes of Bravery and Identity. The main characters are both strong, persistent and considered to be different to the rest. With the two different journeys to save the world and the main characters going through their own personal struggle, it offers a three stage journey:

  • Revealed-Personal Narrative

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    The drive to tennessee was too long. I don’t enjoy sitting in our sedan squeezed between my two younger siblings for 8 whole hours. As we enter the downtown area, my mother asks me to give her directions to aunt Jane’s house off of our map. “Please, can we just stop to eat? We haven’t eaten all day, we can’t take this anymore. Please, just something cheap, we left to go live down here with aunt, and gave up everything, can you just do something for us?” I begged. My mother simply stared at me, but

  • Neil Burger 's Divergent Film Series And George Orwell 's Book ' 1984 '

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    When you think of your ideal dream, it is more often than not, positive. It is something that you would reluctantly wake up at six in the morning from with the blaring alarm ringing in your ears in which you would attempt to force yourself back to sleep to catch the last moments of your imagined state of mind, in which everything is ideally perfect. It is the unpleasant nightmare that sends you flailing under your covers that sends you into the imaginative state of mind in which everything occurs

  • Mcdonald's Strategic Analysis

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    * MCDONALD’S, THE SIMPLE JOY OF BURGERS. TABLE OF CONTENTS MCDONALD’S, THE SIMPLE JOY OF BURGERS. 1 1 ABSTRACT 3 2 COMPANY INTRODUCTION 4 3 FAST FOOD INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 5 3.1 Franchising Industry Analysis 6 3.2 The Industry Future Perspective 7 3.3 Industry PESTEL Framework Analysis 9 3.3.1 Political Aspects 9 3.3.2 Economic Aspects 9 3.3.3 Social Aspects 9 3.3.4 Technological Aspects 10 3.3.5 Environmental Aspects 11 3.3.6 Legal Aspects 11 4 Mcdonald’s Company

  • Italian Cinema Paper

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    Blow-Up, his second colored film, investigates how man deals with the flux even though he is separated from it. The viewer is first introduced to downtown London. A grayish-black jeep, teeming with shouting young adults, crawls over a cobble stone hill into a gray blue sky and turns the corner. The jeep reappears in a wide street, young adults, painted as mimes, pour from the vehicle and flood the road. A small group passes by the protagonist Thomas, who hands one begging girl a crumpled bill from

  • The Imaginary Comparison of A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings and The Handsomest Drowned Man In The World

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    Giants and Angels roam the pages of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s stories, “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings”, and “The Handsomest Drowned Man In The World”, creating the perfect scene for magical realism. Many of the elements within these stories coincide with each other; this has everything to do with the overall component of magical realism, which binds together similarities and sets apart differences. The theme of each story can be found within the other and can stand by itself to represent the

  • The United States Moon Landing of 1969 Essay example

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    ​"We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard" (Kennedy). When John F. Kennedy said these famous words, he set the stage for one of the greatest accomplishments the United States of America has ever made. Over the course of that decade, the space race would be in full swing; a universal goal would unite the nation to achieve the dream of sending a man to the moon and safely back to earth. Through human determination, the

  • The Falafel Of Imminent Philosophical Wisdom

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    world, I mean everybody. No matter how dull and boring they are on the outside, inside them they 've all got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid, amazing worlds.Not just one world. Hundreds of them. Thousands maybe." (The Sandman5) Author Neil Gaiman: one of the most renowned authors ofmany novels, comic books, graphic novels, audio theatre and filmsin modern British history and winner of multiple Eisner, Hugo, Newberry, and Nebula awards. Well known in American culture for works such

  • 5 Important Events in U.S. History

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    There have been many important events in our history that have happened and are going to happen. I believe that these five are the most important starting with number one as being the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This document declared that the American colonists would be independent from Great Britain and separate from them. From the French and Indian War to the Revolutionary War, the British treated the colonists badly. They would tax them on everything, not allow them to be represented