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  • The U-High Creek Experiment

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    The U-high freshman biology class designed an experiment to test the question; based on the number of micro invertebrates, what is the water quality of the U-high creek? On 9/22/14, the day of the experiment, the conditions were recorded at 10:05 AM. The temperature was 55 degrees with a 6 mph wind, and 62% humidity. One of the observations of the creek is that there was some garbage and trash on the banks, although there was minimal amount. Another observation was that there was run-off leading

  • Water And Water Pollution

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    ~Introduction~ This lab will answer the question whether or not the water in the U-Creek is polluted using invertebrates as in indicator? Although there are many ways of measuring water quality, invertebrates are good indicators because the number of invertebrates indicates the ability to sustain life. Invertebrates will thrive in better quality water, whereas in poor quality water, invertebrates will not survive as well. Other indicators of water quality such as dissolved oxygen, pH, nitrogen

  • Sand Flies Research Paper

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    Sand flies (Diptera: Nematocera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae) are a medically important group of insects in Tropical and Sub-tropical regions of the World (Rodani, 1840). They are small hairy yellow or gray colored insects 1.5-4mm in length (Robert, 1994).There are three features that make sand flies easy to recognize: “when at rest, they characteristically hold their wings at an angle above the abdomen; they are hairy; and they typically hop around on the host before settling down to bite (Killick-Kendrick