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  • The New Constitution Of Nepal

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    November in front of the iconic British parliament, when he visited there. They shouted slogans against Modi and India, triggered by the allegedly Indian unofficial economic blockade of Nepal, after the new constitution of Nepal was promulgated on 20 September 2015. This mirrors the growing tension between Nepal and India, helping neither country. The new constitution -- which came after the Maoist insurgency that took 15,000 lives, abolition of monarchy, election of the Constituent Assembly for

  • Prospects of Democracy in Nepal

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    The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a landlocked sovereign state situated in South Asia. The country is bordered by the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of India. Kathmandu is capital of Nepal and also the largest metropolis of the country with a population of around five million. Total population of the country is around 27 million while two million of them are abroad for jobs and education. Official language of the country is Nepali while Nepal Bhasa, Maithili and hundred other

  • The Communist Party Of Nepal

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    It is said in 10 years, even a river changes its course. It has in Nepal, but in 65 years, shattering its old banks. The Communist Party of Nepal (CPN), which was established in 1950, had a humble beginning. It played no major role in toppling the 104-year Rana oligarchy in 1950. It only won four seats in the parliament in the first ever multiparty general elections held in 1959. It suffered a series of breakups. The CPN broke into two after King Mahendra in a royal coup dislodged the BP Koirala

  • Tourism In Nepal Essay

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    2010). In Nepal, the tourism industry started in 1955 when it issued the first tourist visa at the request of president of Russia, Boris Lissanevitch (Rana 2013). She also mentioned that in the late 1960s the members of hippie subculture visitors began to increase dramatically. A decade later, 1970s Nepal was one of the very popular spots for holiday makers and cultural tourist. A few decades later, in 1990s the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) was established. According to Naturally Nepal organisation

  • Nepal : A Life-Changing Experience Of Volunteering In Nepal

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    Volunteering in Nepal has honestly been a life-changing experience for me. Before the trip, not only did I have no knowledge regarding the lifestyle of the Nepali people, but I also did not completely understand the importance of being a volunteer and helping those who are less fortunate than I. However, during the course of two weeks, I personally experienced the customs and values of people in Kathmandu and was able to meet with and talk to several children in the city. Overall, this trip was not

  • Education Profile in Nepal

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    Country Background 1.1 Geography Nepal is a landlocked country, sharing border with largest and fastest growing Economy in the world; China and India. It is has a total surface area of 147,181 square kilometers (56,827 sq miles). Nepal is home of 8 most highest mountain in the world. Topographically, Nepal can be divided into four ecological category; Lowland (Tarai), Midland, Highland and Trans Himalayan. Tarai occupies low and flat land also known as food basket of Nepal. 1.2 Demography According

  • A Report On The Culture Of Nepal

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    Manufacturing in Nepal Nepal appears to be an ideal location to establish a manufacturing division for both a humanitarian endeavor and an option to increase our company’s profit gains. This investment analysis will look at the sociopolitical culture of Nepal along with the general temperament of the local population in regards to how stable the civil climate is. To ascertain some of the information, the World Bank, Freedom House, the United Nations (UN) Human Development Report, and the Institute

  • The Dangers Of Trekking In Nepal

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    Nepal is a beautiful location with trekking destination inclusive of several difficulty levels alongside some mind blogging mountains and greenery in the Himalayan range. Trekking in Nepal is considered one of the most entertaining, adventurous yet thrilling experiences in the world. The varieties of trek available in the country give a unique standpoint to Nepal. The great Himalayan Range trails present in the country provides a wide ranging trail system which covers Nepal from Humla and Drachula

  • Nepal 's Effect On India

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    Background Nepal’s geography has made Nepal economically dependent on India as it is surrounded on three sides by India and on one (to its north) with the Himalayan range and the region of Tibet. After the devastating earth-quake in Nepal, the country was hit by another humanitarian crisis this time due to a blockade at a crucial crossing on the border with India, which halted oil and other essential supplies landlocked Nepal obtains from its giant neighbor. The unveiling of a new constitution in

  • The United Nations Report Nepal

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    Nepal By: Blake Murray Grade 7 Draft For this United Nations report Nepal was selected. It was selected because it is a beautiful country and for some of its famous points of interest. Nepal’s relative location is between India and China. It is in both the northern and eastern hemispheres. And the absolute location is 28 00 degrees north and 84 00 degrees east. Nepal is only boarded by India and China and is completed landlocked; no coastline. Because it is located between India and