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  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands

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    The Kingdom of the Netherlands The country called the Kingdom of the Netherlands, or more often simply the Netherlands, is an intriguing place. Common images associated with this country include decorative wooden shoes, large white Dutch hats on little girls, elaborate systems of dikes, wooden windmills, and fields of colorful tulips. A land of diverse and varied history, the Netherlands has overcome intriguing struggles in many centuries, impacting the world despite its diminutive size. Among

  • Essay on The Foundation of the Netherlands

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    Foundation of the Netherlands About twenty percent of the area of the Netherlands and twenty-one percent of its population is located below sea level, and fifty percent of its land lies less than one meter above sea level (Molenaar) This makes the Netherlands out of all the countries in the world the land with the most land below sea-level. The Netherlands currently has more than seventeen thousand kilometers of flood defenses (Molenaar) Dikes were the foundation of the Netherlands because they made

  • The State of the Economy in the Netherlands

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    Netherlands is the fifth- largest economy in the Euro-zone. It is known for its stable economic relations with the industrial sector, moderate inflation and unemployment. It also has a sizable trade surplus and plays an important role as the transportation hub. The industrial sector deals mainly in food processing, chemicals, petroleum refining and electrical machinery. The agricultural sector is highly mechanized thus only provides employment to only 2% of the population but provides surpluses to

  • Macroeconomic Performance Indicator Of The Netherlands

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    Performance ( 2010-2015) The Macroeconomic performance indicator analyzed in the report includes GDP growth, inflation, unemployment and Fiscal and monetary budget balances. The Netherlands is the 6th largest economy in the Euro Area and it is a crucial transportation hub in Europe. The Netherlands’ economy depends on foreign trade heavily-both exports and imports alike. Its exports account for 83 percent of the GDP and its imports for 72 percent. The GDP Country Rank of the Dutch is 25/193(2014)

  • Drug Laws of the Netherlands Essay

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    -Drug Laws of The Netherlands – Is a Permissive Legal System Better than a Restrictive One in the Case of Drugs? Introduction The Netherlands is one of the most highly developed countries in the world. It is an international, well-integrated country with policies that are among the world’s most liberal. In fact, The Netherlands has perhaps the most liberal view on drug use than any other country and has even gone to the extreme of extraordinarily relaxing its laws regarding ‘soft’ drugs. However

  • Netherlands and Densely Populated Countries Essay

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    The Netherlands The Netherlands, officially Kingdom of the Netherlands, is a constitutional monarchy located in Northwest Europe. The Netherlands Antilles is part of the state and consists of islands in the Caribbean. The Netherlands is often called Holland after a historic region, part of the present day nation. The country is bounded on the North and West by the North Sea, on the East by Germany, and on the South by Belgium. Land is scarce in the Netherlands and is fully exploited. The

  • Pros And Cons Of Immigrants In The Netherlands

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    History of immigration in the Netherlands: From 1950 onwards, large groups of immigrants from the former colonies have been coming to the Netherlands. After Indonesia received independence in 1949, many inhabitants of the former Dutch East Indies immigrated to the Netherlands. Among them was a large group of Moluccans, which plans were to work here but they started a family here and never got back to their country of origin. People from Surinam came to the Netherlands when their country was still

  • The Netherlands Has A Well Developed Financial System

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    “The Netherlands has a well-developed financial system that is largely focused on global financial markets and trends. It is centred largely around Amsterdam, which hosts some of the most notable global banks of Dutch origin, among them ING Group, Rabobank and ABN AMRO, and large international banks. In addition, we host a broad range of private equity investors and venture capital funds, as well as trust fund managers” (, n.d.). The primary focus of this Module 2 Session-Long-Project

  • Netherlands vs. United States Essay

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    When thinking of the Netherlands, or Holland as most people recognize it, what comes to mind is typically a picture of a blond haired girl wearing wooden shoes and holding a basket of bread standing in a field of tulips with a windmill turning in the background, or the idea of standing in a busy city in the red-light district surrounded by bicyclists, drunk teenagers and people selling drugs legally. While both cliches hold their own truth about the country, much more lies beneath the tulips and

  • Information About The Netherlands From Multiple Sources Essay

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    INTRODUCTION: NETHERLANDS This study is to collect information about The Netherlands from multiple sources. I will gather information from interviewing my cousins that are Dutch and live in several different towns in Amsterdam. We will discuss topics such as wages, employment, sales, and benefits. This will all help discovering new business aspects of another country and if it’s worth wild to expand abroad. It will also benefit me personally, since my wonderful Oma Rika is originally from Zwolle