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  • A New Angle On Car Safety

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    In America alone, 33,000 people are killed each year” (Urmson). Urmson is the Director of Self-Driving Cars at Google, and in March of 2015 he presented a TED Talk in which he addressed issues of car safety. In his presentation, Urmson goes on to explain that for over a century, America has come up with ways to mitigate car safety issues. Manufacturers have specifically addressed the fact that car drivers often err, and in so doing, create unsafe conditions for themselves and others on the roads. To

  • Personal Decision For Purchase A New City Car

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    PREPARED FOR 9551251 PREPARED BY 9551251 20/03/2015 Abstract This report is prepared in response to a need which arose from the personal decision to purchase a new city car. In the following pages it will be attempted to answer burning questions regarding the decision making in the presence of multiple and conflicting criteria. By the use of appropriate techniques it will be illustrated the whole process of decision

  • Driving Cars : A New Way Transportation Essay

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    New innovated technology is rising for the automotive industry; self-driving cars are going to be a new way transportation. With new technology already placed in newer model cars like Honda Civics and Tesla’s Model X, for example, have accelerating and breaking without the interaction of the driver. Slowly the demand is increasing for self- driving vehicles in businesses. Since self-driving cars is going to be new for society to get accustomed to, there will be a lot of challenges in regards to its

  • The Year Reason For A New Super Factory For Electric Cars

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    Tesla Motors is a electric car company that specializes in cutting-edge technologies and creating new jobs. Right now, Tesla is in the process of making a new super-factory for electric cars in the US that will require over 6,500 jobs. This new factory and search for effective AFVs is why Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk expects there to be over 500,000 Tesla vehicles on the roads by 2020 (4). This optimistic CEO believes this because Tesla is creating stylish new electric cars that can go zero to sixty in

  • Battery Powered Cars Automobiles Are Increasingly New Within The Auto Industry

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    Battery powered automobiles are relatively new within the auto industry. Advancements in battery power technology along with the effect of gas emissions and crude oil prices have made battery power a more possible choice than ever before. Are battery powered cars marketable? That is the question that this research paper intends to answer. If battery power is a marketable alternative to gasoline power, what makes it profitable? Who is the target consumer? With the recent prices of oil, some people

  • New Cars : A New Car For A Long Trip

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    wanted to buy a new car for a long trip. They were in such a hurry that they left their old van with the dealership as a trade-in, signed blank paper work, and took the new car for their trip. This is a common practice known as a “spot delivery,” which can leave the customer in a position to be taken advantage of by the dealer (Georgia Department of Law, 2015). Upon returning home from their trip, they discovered that although the dealership could find no one to finance their new vehicle purchase

  • A Report On A New Car

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    opportunity for allowing me to buy a new car with $20,000. I have taken into account your restrictions about the safety ratings of the car. Inside this letter, I have written a report on as to why this car is the perfect one for me, allowing with physics concepts behind its multiple safety features. My chosen car is the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR CJ Manual MY15. It fits in the cost range, as it costs $17,200-$19,200. Hopefully you will consider this as my potential first car. Thank you very much. Sincerely

  • Buying a New Car

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    Buying a New Car XECO/212 Principles of Economics April 1, 2012 Buying a new car is fun and exciting but there are many factors in today’s market that are affecting those who want to purchase a new car. Not only are fuel prices incredibly high and expected to go higher based on tensions in the Middle East, employment is looking up but many are still without jobs or enough income to purchase a new vehicle. There are a few car makers that understand those looking for an economic vehicle that

  • Yung Swagger on the Chain

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    leader in the used car industry. However complications have emerged as a result of duplicators attempting to copy their “no hassle offers” in the highly competitive used car market. Therefore, CarMax’s primary concern is staying ahead of the competition and eliminating threats from potential future disruptions from competitors. Therefore the key question we will try to answer in this analysis of the CarMax case is, can CarMax continue to grow successfully given the threat of new competitors entering

  • Developing And Implement Strategic Plans

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    The business I’m going to talk about it’s a car showroom we sell used cars. The name of the organisation is Rosamond Street Car Experts. We are running this business for last 2 years. In the present time most of the rich persons and the famous personalities are really fond of buying new and sports cars they buy new cars after sometime their taste get changed then they buy new one and those used cars they never use after that. So we buy those used cars and sell on genuine price to the customers including