New Democratic Party

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  • Essay Canada´s New Democratic Party

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    that the current leader of the New Democratic Party used to be a Liberal? Thomas Mulcair became the leader of the New Democratic Party after the death of Jack Layton. The New Democratic Party (NDP) is one of the major federal political parties in Canada. The NDP was formed in 1961 as the result of the merger of two different parties. There are numerous reasons why the people of Canada should vote for the NDP. Citizens of Canada should vote for the New Democratic Party because if elected, they promise

  • The History of the Canadian Political Landscape

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    The Canadian political landscape has a rich and complex history spanning from ‘sea to sea’, just as the nation itself. Chronicles of dominance, leadership, and association by the United Kingdom, France, and the United States has ultimately shaped the Canadian national consciousness, resulting in the political ideologies and governance we see today. To best describe the characteristic of Canadian politics, one can refer to ‘Fragment Theory’ where a colonial nation, such as Canada, is predominantly

  • Party Systems of Canada Essay

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    tendency to be defined by the respective political parties and the different patterns of the party's competition. Carty et. al says, in order to make sense of Canada, you must first make sense of its party politics. At the same time, though, Jane Jenson and her colleague Janine Brodie have stated that the political parties are known to be the main actors when it comes to Canadian politics. Of course, there is some sort of doubt that these political parties of Canada run a central role when it comes to

  • Political Identity

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    collective aspect of the set of characteristics by which a political party of your choice is recognizable or known. Politics exists all around the world whether it involves the government, religion, debates, events, or individuals in general. It can be quite difficult to determine one’s Political Identity as this consists of various concepts. I am a follower of the Liberal Party of Ontario which is aligned with the Canadian Liberal Party. The following essay will be discussing the influences that have

  • Compare And Differences Of Thomas Muclair And Stephen Harper

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    The two Federal political parties that I chose to compare and contrast is Thomas Muclair and Stephen Harper. Thomas Muclair is the NDP. Thomas Muclair is French and tom is English. (Joanna Smith, 2015).I prefer to call Thomas because it sounds better than tom. NDP stands for New Democratic Party. Stephen Harper is the Conservative party. The political party that I agree with is NDP and the political party that I disagree with is Conservative. The reason why I agree with Thomas Muclair is that

  • Why Social Capitol Is Important For The United States Of Canadian Political Affairs

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    It is important to effectively integrate immigrants, and get them participating in Canadian political affairs. This will help Canadian society in the long term as it allows for a clearer understanding on how it is that their marginalized immigrant populous desires to be represented. Canada’s diverse population has various needs, and ethnic minorities are amalgamated as outliers as they continue to experience various forms of persistent inequality in the shape of social exclusion (and more specifically

  • Thomas Clement Douglas 's The Greatest Canadian

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    in Winnipeg the Osteomyelitis started up again. There was not much that could be done as medical care at that time in Canada was very expensive. His family was not wealthy. The only option that seemed present to them was to amputate his leg, until news came that a well-known medical surgeon had wanted to operate on Tommy as long as his parents agreed to allow his medical students to observe. This event had never left Tommy’s memory. In 1918, at age 14, Tommy Douglas had dropped out of high school

  • General Elections In Canada

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    representing Conservative Party of Canada,

  • The Election Day Fast Approaches

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    In a democratic society, it is vital for citizens to participate in the electoral process and chose their desired leader. As Election Day fast approaches, many Canadians are faced with the challenge of who to vote for and in order to have a meaningful voice, it is essential for Canadians to acquire an adequate understanding of the major parties’ platforms. Among the major parties are Steven Harper’s Conservative Party, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party and Tom Mulcair’s New Democratic Party and each

  • Tommy Douglass Religion

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    later the New Democratic Party, he was a social-democrat or “socialist”. A lot of citizens thought the government would fall under