New Jerusalem

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  • My Personal Experience With Heavenly Mother

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    Heavenly Mother, the New Jerusalem is the female image of God that gives eternal life in the Last Days. For thousands of years people have known we have a Father in Heaven. What many still do not know is that there is a prophecy being fulfilled right now, this very moment. This states that wo not only have a Father in Heaven, but we also have a Heavenly Mother who is being revealed in the Last Days to give us eternal life. I can truly believe in The New Jerusalem because I have personal

  • Religion, Judaism, And Islam

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    The city of Jerusalem, located in the country of Israel, is considered to be one of the holiest cities on Earth. 890,428 individuals are currently living in the city (“Where is Jerusalem”). What makes Jerusalem such a holy land is because of its significance to three religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (“History of Jerusalem”). While Jerusalem is considered “the holy land”, it is also a place that has endured countless wars, bloodshed, and controversy. The city has been ruled by infamous

  • Siege Of Jerusalem Research Paper

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    The Siege of Jerusalem & Fall of Judea Jewish history and cultural memory revolves around a few pivotal moments. One of the most important is the 587 BCE Siege of Jerusalem, a moment that changed Jewish history forever. The Kingdom of Judah In 1948, the nation of Israel was created as a homeland for the Jews, a population without a place to call their own. Right off the bat, this raises some questions. Why didn't the Jews have a home? And why would they want Israel? The answer to these questions

  • Historical Significance Of The City Of Jerusalem

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    The city of Jerusalem is vitally important to many of the historical records found in both Old and New Testaments of the Bible. From Genesis (14:18) to Revelation (21:10), the Bible is filled with allusions and events related to this city. One simply cannot read the Bible without reading about Jerusalem! For this reason, it is of great benefit to further study this wonderfully significant place. Before looking at the historical significance of Jerusalem, which means “foundation of peace” (Laney

  • The Historical Landmarks Of Jerusalem

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    While the present day Jerusalem flourishes with the pilgrims attracted by the city’s religious significance and the tourists intrigued by its historical landmarks, it was merely a minor city-state in the ancient times. However, rather than a miracle that had occurred overnight, the social and economic status of Jerusalem was obtained through a process of evolution, the early parts of which were recorded in the Hebrew Bible, which is a collection of narratives based on genuine historical events while

  • The Sacred And The Profane

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    The city of Jerusalem has been recognized as the holy city throughout the history of three religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. During the time of Judaism, Biblical writers presented Jerusalem as the most sacred space, the center of the world, and the city of the Lord. A leading interpreter of religious texts, Mircea Eliade, in his book The Sacred and The Profane, defined several religious experiences with specific terminologies, such as hierophany, which means the sign of sacredness, and

  • Historical, Social, And Political Factors In The Book Of Isaiah

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    trust in God, which later resulted in the fall of reign. The book of Isaiah can be broken down into three sections. Chapters 1 to 39 represent the call of judgement for the city of Jerusalem. Chapters 40 to 55 represent the prophet Isaiah in exile, and chapters 56 to 66 represent the return from exile to a new Jerusalem. Each section highlights a part of Isaiah’s

  • `` Space `` That Religious Spaces Are ``, `` Kinetic `` And `` Interrelated ``

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    only sensorially experienced, that stand out in some ways, that are able to be shaped by the natural and cultural influences, and thus that are not perfectly sacred and detached from secular objects. Correspondingly in the Hebrew Bible, the city Jerusalem is indeed portrayed as such a special, changing and holy but also worldly religious space that God was present in the city and He unprecedentedly approved King David’s supplication of building a temple for Him, that it could still undergo a period

  • Judaism, Christianity And Judaism And Interfaith

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    the fact that Israel is know as the biblical holy land to Jews, christians, and muslims. Christianity’s holy land is Israel-Jerusalem, which is also the holy land in Judaism. Islam has a number of sacred places, one very well known and considered to be Islam's most sacred land is the holy city of Mecca. Christianity is connected with Israel for numerous reasons. Jerusalem (founded in 3000 BC) is presumed to be the whereabouts of some of Jesus's teaching, the institution of the Holy Eucharist (Holy

  • Zephaniah : The Story Behind The Small Book

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    Zephaniah: The Story Behind the Small Book Most people see Zephaniah as a useless book. Many of the minor prophet’s books are very small and seem to not have too much content in them. Zephaniah may be small, but it is packed with themes and purposes. Some parts of Zephaniah may be questionable and confusing, but the underlying information should be brought up. Zephaniah is a book, like many in the Bible, that can be applied to contemporary life. One of the first questions people ask about a book