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  • New Spain Essay

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    Colonies of New Spain In the decades after 1519, the Spaniards created the distinctive colonial society of New Spain. Through this paper I will discuss the features of this new society, how it benefitted the Spanish, and its toll on the native populations using evidence and facts found in out textbook, The American Promise: A Concise History and an article from the Economist Newspaper titled, Americas:1519: The Conquest. It started in the sixteenth century when the New World helped Spain become the

  • The Conquest of New Spain Essay

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    The Conquest of New Spain Cortés came not to the New World to conquer by force, but by manipulation. Bernal Díaz del Castillo, in the "Conquest of New Spain," describes how Cortés and his soldiers manipulated the Aztec people and their king Montezuma from the time they traveled from Iztapalaopa to the time when Montezuma took Cortés to the top of the great Cue and showed him the whole of Mexico and its countryside, and the three causeways which led into Mexico. Castillo's purpose for recording

  • Spain and New World Essay

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    In 1490 there was no such country as spain, yet within a century it had become the most powerful nation in europe and within another century had sunk to the status of a third rate power. Describe and analyze the major social economic and political reasons for spains rise and fall. Throughout history, as we study Spain we can clearly recognize high and low points in their success. In the fifteen hundreds Spain had no influence on European affairs, Spain essentially vanished out of Europe. However

  • How Did Blasphemy Trials Affect The Lives Of Indigenous Groups Within New Spain?

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    The Spanish Inquisition was originally an institution developed in Spain to conduct trials by the Catholic Monarchs. The Inquisition’s trial courts focused on ensuring that the Catholic Doctrine was enforced. After the conquering and colonization of indigenous groups within the New World the colony of New Spain was formed. The Spanish Crown sought to use the Inquisition to prosecute those guilty of heresy or blasphemy, which is the act of denouncing God or demeaning religious ideas. Comparing and

  • Mercantilism And New Spain

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    Mercantilism and Bullionism had both positive and negative effects on the economy of Spain and New Spain. I believe that the main positive effect was that mercantilism resulted in great wealth for rulers and merchants of various countries like Britain, France, and of course Spain. These countries began to exploit foreign lands and establishing trade relationships amongst others. With this new system, they were able to gain enough power to overthrow their current leaders and set up colonies. European

  • The Conquest Of New Spain

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    In Victors and the Vanquished, Schwartz poses the question of “How can we evaluate conflicting sources” (ix)? Through reading historical events such as the “Conquest of New Spain” there is an undeniably large amount of destruction of cultural material and bias testimonies of events recorded several years after they occurred. After analyzing the Spanish Conquest of Mesoamerica there is a debatable amount of evidence from the Mesoamericans and Spanish explanations of this event in history. The intentions

  • New Spain And New France In The New World

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    During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, New Spain and New France came to the New world for two different reasons. New France came to the new world in search of a new west passage and Spain came in search of gold and religious freedom. They both wanted to spread their religious beliefs through missionaries. The Spanish were the first to establish large settlements. The Spanish had over 200 cities by 1570. The French didn’t start colonizing until 1604. The first French colony was Acadia and

  • The Conquest Of New Spain Summary

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    history has come to recognize the fact that history is written by the victor and in lieu of this, research becomes essential to uncover where the truth lies. The True History of the Conquest of New Spain, so ironically named, is a personal account for historical events leading up to the conquest of New Spain, formerly known as the City of Mexico. The author, Bernal Diaz, was a soldier of the conquering army who composed the document well after the events took place sometime between 1552 and 1557. Though

  • The New Spain: The Colonial Economy Of Mexico

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    estates. At the time the indigenous farmers were the largest members of the population. New Spain as it was called at the time was seen by Spain as a means of wealth. The colonial economy of Mexico was fairly successful as they were able to produce much of their own food and products from ranching. They also had a textile industry that helped them be fairly self-sufficient in supplying their own needs. In 1804 Spain implemented a policy that forced mortgage holders to have to pay the principal

  • The Spanish Sailing Captains: New Spain

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    scholars have set history straight and have given Spain their do justice in history. During the 1500’s Spain became the first superpower that extended globally. After conquest in Mexico, the Spanish leaders were eager to find new land to help build their dominance. A Spanish colony was established in what is now known as Panama, with its capital located in Mexico City. This new colony was named New Spain. New Spain included what we now know