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  • New York Yankees Essay

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    since they became an official organization in 1903, the New York Yankees have established themselves as one of the world’s top sport organizations. As a Major League Baseball team, they have historically achieved the ultimate goal of winning the World Series and have gained fans and profit in the process. With thirty-one different managers, the Yankees have won a total of twenty-six World Series and have built a fan base across the globe (“New”, 2008). Nowadays, the organization even makes yearly

  • The New York Yankees Baseball Organization

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    a 114-year period between 1901 and 2015, the New York Yankees baseball organization has taken sole positioning as the most successful franchise in the professional baseball world. As a whole the franchise has won: 43 American League pennants and 27 world championship titles. With statistics and accomplishments this vast, it is no wonders the Yankees are renowned and acknowledged as one of the most outstanding baseball teams in the sport. The New York Yankee’s franchise was founded in 1901, in Baltimore

  • The New York Yankees, It Can Destroy Your Future

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    past should be left in the past, otherwise it can destroy your future." These are wonderful words which we should all strive to live by. But letting go of a regrettable past is difficult for even the strongest among us. For members of the 1960 New York Yankees, the World Series of that year is still the most disappointing memory any of them can recall. And while vivid mental pictures of a bad-hop grounder hitting shortstop Tony Kubek in the throat, the Clemente chop, which landed between two undecided

  • The New York Yankees of 1927 Embody the Spirit of the 1920s Essay

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    The New York Yankees of 1927 were a high-powered machine lead by some of the greats of all time in baseball. This baseball team was composed of seven Hall of Famers, six players including: Earle Combs, George Herman (Babe Ruth), Lou Gehrig, Herb Pennock, Tony, Lazzeri, and Waite Hoyt, and their Manager, Miller Higgins. (New York Yankees Hall of Fame Register, 70) The team had a no-mercy philosophy and had a sense of confidence exceptionally high noted by Babe Ruth: "It was murder, we never even

  • Babe Ruth And The New York Yankees Changed The Face Of Baseball

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    Baseball’s New Icon In 1927, Babe Ruth and the New York Yankees changed the face of baseball by setting numerous records and being arguably one of the greatest baseball teams of all-time. Behind the outstanding play of Babe Ruth, teammate Lou Gehrig was also performing at an amazingly high level but was shadowed by Ruth’s legendary season. Lou Gehrig’s play that season started to decline though due to his concern for his mother while she was in surgery. “His heart wasn’t in the game. All he could

  • Biography of Alex Rodriguez, the Third Baseman for the New York Yankees

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    the New York Yankees Hispanic Heritage Project October 21, 2012 Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez is the third baseman for the New York Yankees. He has been playing for the Yankees since 2004, but has been playing professional baseball since 1994. Alex Rodriguez can be considered to be one of the greatest baseball players of Hispanic descent and has broken records previously set Sammy Sosa, who is also one of baseball's greatest players of Hispanic descent. Alex Rodriguez was born in New York City

  • World Series Research Paper

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    season to see who is the best team in the MLB. The World Series began in the year of 1903 and it has been going on until present time. The New York Yankees were a great team throughout the 1998 season. They had a great winning record the a MLB team could ever have; going with a record of 114 wins and 46 six loses in the regular season. In 1998, the New York Yankees and the San Diego Padres had met at the World Series. it was said that the Yanks were having a great spring training. During spring training

  • Essay on Babe Ruth: a Brief Biography

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    The Yankees faced The Giants in the 1922 World Series. The Yankees lost in five games. In 1923, it was the first time playing at Yankee Stadium. On April 18, 1923 Ruth hit the first ever homerun at Yankee Stadium against the Red Sox. Babe Ruth was the only person to win the American League Most Valuable Player award in his career. In 1923 The Yankees played The Giants again. Babe Ruth hit three homeruns in the six game series

  • New vs Old Yankees Stadium

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    will shut its doors (M.L.B. Advanced Media, “2008 Regular Season Standings”). The start of next season will bring extra attention to the Yankees due to the opening of their brand new stadium, located across the street. Their new stadium is just one of many recent parks that have been built. These “new stadiums” change the classic pastime of watching

  • The Called Shot Essay

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    Chicago. It’s a bright and sunny day. It’s Game 3 of the World Series between the New York Yankees and the Chicago Cubs. And the grandstands are jam-packed with nearly 50,000 fans. The Yankees are back on top of their game after a three-season drought of titles and accolades. In this Series, the Yanks are managed by Joe McCarthy, the manager who had been fired by the Cubs after the 1930 season. On this day, the Yankees are up 2 games to none over the Cubs in the Series. And, it was in this game, that