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  • Descriptive Essay About Balik

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    met Andrew “Andy” Balik four years ago at the church my partner attended. After years of being away, my partner and I moved back to Bayonne, New Jersey, a small peninsular town that shared a border with Jersey City, and is surrounded by Newark Bay, Upper New York Bay and Kill Van Kull. We were first introduced to Andy by his wife, Joanne. She is a loud and brash woman whose presence could easily fill up a room wherever she goes. Andy is a big and tall man who has a pair of 4-inch dark-rimmed glasses

  • Cory Booker

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    elected position. A few years later in 2006, Booker won the election for Mayor of Newark. In 2013, Booker was elected senator of New Jersey. Since then Booker has been a highly vocal and devoted senator. He is dedicated to fighting for his beliefs and serving his constituency. Although Cory Booker would make an excellent president, there are a few things I would advise him on before starting his campaign. First, you have to start early. Traveling and campaigning is an obvious an essential part

  • The Epidemic Of Newark 's Past Society

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    Many immigrants that come to Newark are forced to live in tight spaces, and even tenements, meaning that those who are the most targeted by this disease are the immigrants that come to Newark. Most people of higher classes began to accuse immigrants of bringing the disease, rather than focusing on eradicating the disease. Everyone wants to point fingers at immigrants

  • Differences Between Newark And Washington 's 7th Congressional District And Sharpe James, The Longtime Mayor Of Newark

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    Congressional District and Sharpe James, the longtime mayor of Newark. James’ incumbency advantage is especially interesting in the context of 2002 mayoral campaign, where he was nearly unseated by Cory Booker. Both McDermott and James served their constituents for over 30 years and developed sizable incumbency advantages, though in some cases they were used in different ways. Looking at the differences demographically between Newark and Washington’s 7th Congressional District can be striking, but

  • Street Fight Movie Analysis

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    PART I: STREET FIGHT The documentary Street Fight directed by Marshall Curry covered a boisterous 2002 campaign in Newark, New Jersey, against a young city councilor Cory Booker verses the cities longest serving major running for a re-election James Sharpe. During the entire documentary there were multiple points regarding politics and political power. In the beginning of the movie it was noted that some citizens were afraid to support Booker because they feared being targeted and possibly losing

  • Analysis Of ' A Beautiful Mind '

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    I chose the film “A Beautiful Mind” produced in 2001. The main character is John Forbes Nash, Jr. portrayed by Russell Crowe. The heart, not the mind is where the true meaning of life is found. A mathematical genius who is fixated on finding an original idea to ensure his legacy embarks on a mission with the belief that mathematics will lead him to a higher truth. “I cannot waste time with these classes and these books, memorizing the weak assumptions of lesser mortals. I need to look through to

  • Newark, New Jersey Neighborhoods, Real Estate And Rental Markets

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    Newark, New Jersey Neighborhoods, Real Estate and Rental Markets Newark is the most populous city in the state of New Jersey, and one of the nation’s largest shipping hubs. It is the sixty-seventh most populous city in the country and has just over two hundred seventy-five thousand residents. This makes it the second most populated city in the New York metropolitan region, after New York City. It is the largest port on the Eastern Seaboard, location of several corporate headquarters, and several

  • United Essay

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    Throughout first year Sem we have talked about a lot of different subjects that ultimately tie all together as one. The main theme for the year is a call to family and community. To go over this we read United by Cory Booker. United wasn’t just used to be read but it was used to help us think and connect to what is going on in the real world. To use this connection we used examples of current events, to use a real world application. In doing this it’s made me think more about the world and what could

  • Marshall Curry's Street Fight

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    titled Street Fight, produced by Marshall Curry, follows a candidate for the 2002 election for mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Cory Booker and his opponent, Sharpe James. Street Fight mainly unveils the power of politics and what holds power over politics itself. However, the video also reveals several factors which influence and impact politics from the choices of real people on the streets of Newark. Of these factors, the video focuses on the tactics in which each candidate promotes themselves, their

  • Poverty In Newark

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    Newark is a broken city, with years of neglect, corruption, and greed that have put generations of families in a cycle of poverty. The generations of poverty have festered in a city filled with crime and drugs. People can argue for years on how to approach and fix Newark's problems. Many can agree on the significant problems of Newark, but the problems of Newark are not something that can be fix overnight. It will take many years for Newark to recover. How does the Brick City get lifted out of poverty