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  • Beaker Bell Pottery

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    The appearance of Beaker Bell pottery in Europe is one ceramic innovation which is still not fully understood today (Waddell 2010, 121) as their distribution is irregular stretching from Hungary to Ireland. Several Beaker Bell pottery types have been identified in Britain and Ireland; those of different sizes, ware type (ibid). Many of the pottery that has survived in Ireland are those which have been used for burial, although also used for drinking, storage and cooking (Gibson 2002, In: Waddell

  • Ireland Tradition and Dissent

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    Humanities: Tradition and Dissent TMA03 - Option 1 Ireland: the Invention of Tradition How useful are the concepts of “tradition” and “dissent” in understanding attitudes to the built heritage of Ireland? The two concepts of “tradition” and “dissent” are extremely useful in understanding the built heritage of Ireland. To understand the differing attitudes to the built heritage of Ireland is to contemplate the historical accounts, stories and legends that fabricate traditions and incite dissent

  • Ireland Essay

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    A BRIEF HISTORY OF IRELAND The beginning of Ireland consisted of ice. Glacial sheets during 16,000 cal BP pervaded across the land, making occupation nearly impossible. It was not until 13,000 cal BP that humans began settling in other parts of Europe (Dowd 2016, 158). Archaeologists have found evidence of Paleolithic settlements around modern Wales, West Scotland, Scandinavia, and Iberia around the same time. It is likely, however, for hunters to have visited Britain only for a few months in order

  • The Discovery Of The World 's Oldest Secret Observatory

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    Every once in a blue moon, startling headlines trumpet "the world 's oldest secret" has been found. Not long ago, the media announced the discovery of "the world 's oldest astronomical observatory". Now, I believe you are asking yourself... "What kind of observatory was that?" Well, long ago, when our ancestors realized that celestial events follow cycles, they wanted to find a way to track them. So, they began building structures designed to map these events. They devised a way to place stones in

  • Culture And Culture Of Ireland

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    INTRO This paper will take a look into the culture of Ireland by taking a look at the five characteristics of culture. The first section will cover the history of Ireland to illustrate the connection of a country’s struggle and their learned culture. I will attempt to communicate some of the key aspects that connect an individual culture to the region of the world it inhabits in the second section. In the third section, I will discuss the language and art of the land will be discussed to draw lines

  • ##bol Symbols : The Concept Of Eternal Return By Carl Jung

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    Spiral Symbol Amplification Paper Carl Jung thought that the form of a spiral represented the idea of “eternal return” in the pattern of human thought and insisted that the archetypal symbol represented the cosmic force (Bobroff, p. 27). Various ancient cultures viewed the spiral as a symbol for journey, growth, and evolution. From timeless edifices to contemporary architecture, one can observe the spiral form in building structures; such as staircases, domes, and spires. One doesn’t have to

  • Paleolithic And Neolithic Art : Prehistoric Art

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    Prehistoric Art Writing Assignment There were many social and economic changes that took place in human development from the Paleolithic through Neolithic periods. First, humans invented agriculture to use in their day to day lives. Next, roles of men and women began to shift. Finally, another change between these two periods had to do with living quarters. Art was affected in all of these changes made during the transition from Paleolithic to Neolithic eras. The first way art changed was when

  • Irish Nationalists Struggle for Independence from Britain

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    Irish Nationalists attempted to establish continuity with what they believed to be appropriate or suitable aspects of Irish history and culture. These attempts lead to both the revival and invention of a culturally distinct Irish heritage not associated with British rule in order to justify a sense of nationhood and to support the Irish struggle for Independence (Hobsbawm in Laurence, A p176) (Laurence, A p.160). Whilst there is no single definition of Irish Nationalism, as the various groups and

  • Information About The D Hotel

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    In this report I would like to the information about The D Hotel because I have an interest in the hospitality industry, and it has become History and Introduction The D Hotel is a 4 star hotel in Drogheda that was founded in 2005. and is located next to the Scotchall shopping centre complex. The Scotchall complex itself is mostly modern in design, but incorporated the old building that was once Cairnes Brewery. Cairnes brewery was a major brewery in the 19 Century. The brewery became famous

  • Essay on Analysis of Seamus Heaney's North

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    Analysis of Seamus Heaney's North The poet Keats wrote that “the only means of strengthening one’s intellect is to make up one’s own mind about nothing – to let the mind be a thoroughfare for all thought, not a select body”. That this may be an admirable aim for a poet, and especially so for one writing against a background of ethnic violence, is not in doubt. It is, however, extremely difficult to remain neutral when one identifies oneself with an ethnic party involved in conflict. It is my intention