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  • My New York Story Essay : My New York Story

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    My New York Story Nothing ever happens in Flushing. Every day, I see cars zip by from my living room window, while the occasional airplane flies overhead to LaGuardia Airport, 20 minutes from my house. The most action my neighborhood has ever seen was during Hurricane Sandy, when a giant tree collapsed onto the house across the street. However, the Upper West Side, specifically 72nd to 81st street, is my escape. Unlike Flushing, there is diversity and action on every block. Small cars, bright yellow

  • Essay on Ghost Story of the New Jersey Devil

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    The New Jersey Devil The Legend of the Jersey Devil is the most prominent legend that is told to citizens of New Jersey; it is mainly told to elementary school aged children. There are a variety of settings that the story has; however, the most common location that is used when retelling the tale is Leeds Point, NJ, which is in the Pine Barrens region of the state. This tale of the Jersey Devil recounts the existence of a supernatural creature that is said to have terrorized the New Jersey Pine

  • The New Yorker's Short Story 'Ghosts And Empties'

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    The July 20, 2015 edition of The New Yorker magazine, contains short story “Ghosts and Empties”. The name of which drew me in. Typically when you hear such a title, you gear yourself in the direction of a mystery, suspense, or even a thriller. I was pleasantly surprised when the story took a different turn than I was expecting. The story follows an unnamed narrator on her nightly walks through her neighborhood. As I read the story “Ghosts and Empties”, many thoughts passed through my head. I thought

  • Analyzing The American Short Story 'Into The New Millennium'

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    Marcelle Tikka Into the New Millennium Given the ever-changing and quick-paced life of the millennials, the American short story has gone through changes as well. Society norms are shifting, reflecting the present values of a culture that demands acceptance in religion, gender, and race. As with all the ages of the American short story, the author’s writings are affected by the social and cultural changes around them. Through the advancements of the internet and mass media globalization of information

  • Short Story Analysis Of New Directions By Maya Angeloou

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    Santana 07/27/2017 Midterm, Exam 5 Short Story Analysis Analysis of New Directions By Maya Angelou Maya Angelou mirrors her life of trials with 'New Directions.' her life began without much promise, with tenacity and diligence Angelou was able to brighten her horizon. 'New Directions' gives readers a relatable and uplifting story of triumph, whose main characters intent was pure and noble. Annie Johnson gives struggling readers who can relate to her story an ally and speaks to readers morality and

  • Short Story: Moving To New York

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    “ What do you need mom!” Helena’s mother told helena to come downstairs to talk. Helena looked down at her phone as he mother was talking to her. Her mother said, “ we are moving to New York.” Helena looked up at her mom with an empty and surprised look,” B-b-b- but why? This is so sudden mom… why are we moving to New York?” Helena’s mother replied,” because your father and I have found a great job that will earn us almost 1,000 dollars a week… so we have to move.. Sorry about your friends but it

  • Story Summary of Brave New World Essays

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         Brave New World opens in the Central London Hatching and Conditioning Center, where the Director of the Hatchery and Henry Foster are giving a tour to a group of boys. The boys learn about the Bokanovsky Process, which allows the Hatchery to produce thousands of nearly identical human embryos. During the gestation period the embryos travel in bottles along a conveyor belt through a large factory building, and are conditioned to belong to one of five castes: Alpha, Beta

  • Short Story 10 Years Since: A Mediation On New Orleans

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    short story 10 Years Since: A Mediation on New Orleans, “I don’t know how long my city has for me, but every day that I remain, I am working, searching for a newer, truer meaning for the concept of forward.” To this day, this sentiment remains authentic for those devastated by the August 2005 Hurricane Katrina. Accordingly, the aftermath and trauma that victims of Katrina faced in New Orleans, Louisiana, left countless amounts of people homeless and with psychological issues. Levees in New Orleans

  • Gang Violence in New York as Presented by West Side Story

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    Gang Violence in New York as Presented by West Side Story Gangs have been occupied New York City for hundreds of years. In the 1950s, the city saw a rise of Latino immigrants from Latin America, the Caribbean, and notably Puerto Rico as well as a rise in gang violence. Leonard Bernstein’s musical West Side Story uses the real-world subject of gang warfare in New York City to depict a modern-day adaptation of Romeo and Juliet by playing into the ethnic divide between the two gangs, but in doing

  • Analysis Of The News Story

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    Brief summary of the news story A recent study found that people with schizophrenia had a higher rate of dying from all common causes including heart disease, cancer, respiratory failure, suicide and diabetes. While the disorder itself does not cause earlier death, it is believed to lead to higher risk factor exposure, such as poor eating or smoking and likely contributes to greater challenges dealing with other conditions such as diabetes or CVD. Many people with schizophrenia also complain of