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  • Scholarly vs. Popular Media Focus on Sexuality: A Comparative Analysis of Two Articles

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    Scholarly vs. popular media focus on sexuality (Step 1): The scholarly article, "The politics of masculinity and the ex-gay movement" focused on the efficacy of sexual conversion therapy and the cultural forces that surround it (Robinson, Spivey, 2007). Sexual conversion therapy involves a patient who attempts to change their sexual orientation through psychotherapy. Most commonly, conversion therapy involves a homosexual male who attempts to convert to heterosexuality. The authors hypothesized

  • Essay on The Role of Media Bias in American Society

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    trend since the early 1980?s and is very alarming for American citizens who watch the news for truth and honest reporting. Not only has bias been a problem in the broadcast media of ABC, NBC, and CBS, but it has also been a problem in mainstream newspapers such as The New York Times, The Sun, and The Boston Globe. For years, these media outlets have built their reputations on truth and now the trend is to lean left and not tell the whole story. Evidence of this has become very prominent in war coverage

  • Quantitative Research Study Plan Essay

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    For more than a century, the newspaper industry has been a dominant source of news in the U.S. (Stephens, 2010). Newspapers have experienced substantial declines in circulation, advertising sales, profitability, and readership (Tucker, 2009). Some print newspaper organizations are transitioning to online news distribution models in an attempt to sustain their businesses. Such transitions require traditional print news media companies to conduct staff reductions, then offset the loss of high cost

  • Comparing Gay Meets Bible Belt State

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    a lesbian couple whose desire to wed was intensified by the fact that Craven was dying of brain cancer. The article was titled “Historic Wedding” and claimed the ceremony was the first between two people of the same gender to take place in Jones County, Mississippi. In the short period between the publication of the article and Craven’s death a few weeks later, the small-town newspaper made a big wave. The Laurel Leader-Call story received national attention, receiving praise from liberals and

  • The Last Four Analysis

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    the game. I looked at the source like and The New York Times, which are large trusted newspapers. David Waldstein, authors of The New York Times, wrote an article “Seeded 10th, Syracuse is One of the Last Four Left”. In his article, Waldstein included the information of Syracuse men basketball. Such as, the struggle they have done to reach to the final four, ranking and history His review gives me some background on the history of Syracuse University. Mentioning, various incredible moments

  • `` Do The Left Thing ``

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    enforcing a strict speech code is that it is often a vague policy that in itself is discriminatory as it violates The First Amendment. The case of Omar Mahmood, a student at the University of Michigan who was disciplined for writing a satirical article, “Do the Left Thing” illustrates the problems with these types of policies. Mahmood, a Muslim conservative, wrote a satire addressing overzealous liberals who constantly declare victimization. He illustrates this with his example of his “left-handydnyss”

  • Electronic Media

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    Scope of Media And Entertainment Sector The Media and Entertainment (E&M) sector can be regarded as one of the most influential industries. Unlike some other industries, the E&M sector enjoys direct interaction with people and hence, it has great power to influence people’s mind. Often the industry remains the driving force in building public opinion and determining its trends. Like the other countries of the world, the media industry also plays a very crucial role in India. The media and

  • Black Newspapers And The Holocaust

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    After researching newspaper articles covering the events of Kristallnacht, one question lingered: How did black newspapers continue to cover the Holocaust? After finding limited articles pertaining to the events of Kristallnacht, I was curious to see if more coverage would be dedicated to the events that came after. I specifically wanted to look into African American newspapers of the day in order to see how the African American community reacted to the atrocities. During this time period many

  • Interaction of Regional News Media Production and Consumption through the Social Space

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    Media review article: Interaction of regional news-media production and consumption through the social space According to the 2010 article "Interaction of regional news-media production and consumption through the social space," newspapers, particularly regional media sources, are struggling to survive in an environment dominated by the Internet. These small papers must capitalize upon the potential of social media to generate interest in their product. " There is a strategic gap in terms of

  • Student Newspaper Amendment

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    How does the First Amendment apply to student newspapers? The first amendment ensures the general population's flexibility of press, religion, discourse, and gathering. Particularly freedom in the USA truly matters to individuals and this amendment is fundamental to them. Individuals can say what they think openly and they can express their emotions. Moreover, they have the privilege to realize what's occurring in the nation and the administration should not control the data from the media.