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  • Fort Stanwix : Fort Schuyler

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    military men from Fort Dayton and was later augmented by Chief Honyery with 60 warriors. General Herkimer was afraid of moving forward. Herkimer did not want to move forward but the only person supporting him from the seniors’ officers was Colonel Campbell; while Klock, Vissher, Colonels Cox and Paris wanted to move forward. Colonels Cox and Paris believed that General Herkimer was being a coward. General Herkimer had sent a messenger to Fort Stanwix so that they could give a signal that everything was

  • Essay about Santa Claus Does Exist

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    Santa Claus Does Exist So you don’t believe in Santa Claus. It’s understandable. We find ourselves in an age of pure skepticism. We question everything. Science has taken hold of our lives, providing answers for all questions and dismissing anything that cannot be explained as either myth or fiction. So it’s quite understandable why you don’t believe, with no physical proof of his existence. It’s indeed understandable to lose sight of Father Christmas with the transformation of this holiday

  • A Distressed Poet or Just Mentally Unstable?

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    A Distressed Poet or Just Mentally Unstable? : Sylvia Plath Sylvia Plath was a very interesting woman she was born in Boston, Massachusetts who did have some personal problems she just couldn’t deal with in her everyday life. Sylvia Plath did end up taking her own life when she was only thirty at the time and she left behind an absolute artistic legacy. Plath’s life was intertwined into her poetry, ironically critics weren’t allowed to offer insights into her agony and her work. She was married

  • Why is Nicholas Sparks Such a Profound American Author?

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    fit with the story” said Nicholas sparks who is known for many romance novels. In his writing he uses experiences and people that he is inspired by and puts them in a form of novel that catches the audience's attention. After taking a look at the life and writing of Nicholas Sparks, it is apparent that this writer deserves appreciation as a profound American author. With challenges and achievements Nicholas Sparks has written some of the best romance novels. Nicholas Sparks and his parents never

  • Taking a Look at Molecular Cuisine

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    cooking and to create more possibilities for cooking food. There are many other names for molecular cuisine such as molecular gastronomy, avant-garde cuisine, experimental cuisine, modern cuisine, and modernist cuisine. The now late oxford physicist Nicholas Kurti and French chemist Hervé This came up with the term “molecular gastronomy” for the new style of cooking/science they started experimenting with back in the 1980's. People are definitely interested in molecular cuisine but don't know whether

  • Redeeming Santa Claus

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    Santa Claus, is known by many names: Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle and simply "Santa". He is a figure that has been influenced by legend, myth, folklore and most importantly for our purposes today. He wears red, is pulled around on a sleigh by a bunch of reindeer and delivers presents to good children on the 24th of December. The purpose of my post is not to argue about whether or not to teach kids about the full on mythical father Christmas; personally I think it is a bad idea to

  • Speech On Molecular Gastronomy

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    techniques while well-known molecular gastronomy chefs like Hestion Blumenthal were doing their own experiments and research in their kitchen, using science lab equipment and ingredients from the food industry. These meetings were also attended by Nicholas Kurti, an Oxford physicist who had a television show and had written a book about the science of cooking, Harold McGee, an American food science writer, and Hervé

  • Christmas : A Short Story : The Story Of Christmas

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    It was four days before when Christmas, Doug Walker turned on the radio to listen to the local traffic while he dressed for work. He listened as the announcer discussed a miracle in their small town, “Parents are in an uproar trying to convince their children Santa Claus doesn’t grant everyone’s Christmas’ wish. No one can explain the perfect gifts found on front porches all over the city.” Turning up the radio, Doug called out, “Hey, Nancy, did you hear about the ‘nutty’ things happening around

  • Book Review Of The Notebook By Nicholas Sparks

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    I read The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, a 250 page novel published on October 1, 1996. This book can be classified as realistic fiction, but is considered to be a romance novel due to the heart pulling plot line of two star-crossed lovers. My attention was caught quickly when I saw this book, because I had watched the movie with my girlfriend which motivated me to read it. It took me about three days to read behind Mrs. Kosters desk, each day during the same week; it was a quick and easy read. This

  • Negative Essay : Santa Claus, Joll Or Folly

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    Santa Claus, Jolly or Folly What's the most wonderful time of the year? Christmas of course, but this also happens to be the best holiday for deceiving your vulnerable and trusting children. By lying to your kids about Santa, you are setting them up to be skeptical of your future judgement and authority. It can also negatively affect the bond of trust all parents want to experience with their kids. As most children grow up they believe everything their parents tell them. Even when the parents tell