Niger Delta

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  • The Conflict Of The Niger Delta

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    CONFLICT IN THE NIGER DELTA Nigeria is the 7th world largest oil producer and is a major player in the world energy market. Oil and gas is Nigeria’s main source of revenue. It accounts for about 40% of the Gross Domestic Product and 70% of government revenues (Lawal 2004). Crude oil was first discovered in 1956 by Shell British Petroleum in a small village called Oloibiri present day Bayelsa State. Two years later oil in larger quantities was discovered in Ogoni. The Niger delta region has a population

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Niger Delta Region

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    The creation of new states that was connected to the Niger Delta Region in 1967 gave a resurrection of hope to the many minorities in the region, yet sadly, even though the new state governments did its utmost best to grow and develop however was insufficient, particularly the complex of many ethnics groups to count on and in view of natural resources in some communities. In any case, a second endeavor at developing the region, which at this point has ended up synonymous with oil exploration and

  • The Help of Shell in the Niger Delta Region Essay

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    The Help of Shell in the Niger Delta Region TABLE OF CONTENT  Introduction Shell is a group of oil and petrol companies. The parent company is Royal Dutch Shell, based in Britain, is a multinational corporation (MNC). The group of companies is active in countries all over the world, including Nigeria. The Federal Republic of Nigeria is extremely rich in oil resources. Rightly so, their business-connection goes back over fifty years. Likewise, a Shell company, the Shell Petroleum Development

  • The Field Classification Of Niger Delta Basin

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    Basin: Niger Delta Basin, Offshore Nigeria Basin Type: Passive Continental Margin, Divergent Reservoir Type: Deep Water Turbidites Reservoir Environment of Deposition: Channel sands Reservoir Age: Miocene Hydrocarbon Type: Oil and Gas Trap types: Stratigraphic and Structural Trap Styles: Fault block and Flank of Mud Diapir Discovery: 1995 Water Depth: 1311m Reserves: 1235MMBO + 951BCF Author: Mohammed Malah, 9741320 2 Introduction The Bonga field is located in the Niger Delta region

  • Niger Delta Development Commission ( Nddc ) Act 2000 Essay

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    Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Act 2000 Promulgated in 2000, the NDDC Act highlights the importance of addressing the “problems” which arise from the exploration of oil minerals in the Niger-Delta area […]” .Section 2(1)(b) of the NDDC Act sets out rules for the composition of the Niger Delta Development Commission reflecting the need for a stronger representation of the oil producing states. In addition, Section 2(1)(c) provides for the representation of non-oil producing states while

  • The Niger Delta And The Oil Companies

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    The Niger Delta is a region of Nigeria that is very rich in crude oil and gas. Crude oil and gas make up 70% of the country 's revenue and 95% of it 's export earnings (Ezekoli, 5608). Those percentages are incredibly high and represents large amounts of money that can be found in the region. However, the people of the Niger Delta never see the wealth that comes from their natural resources. The wealth instead goes to the oil companies set up in the area as well as the pockets of a few elite government

  • Oil Pollution In The Niger Delta

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    Niger Delta is one of the top ten largest deltas in the world, to the south of this delta is the Atlantic Ocean and to the north is the famous River Niger. The Niger Delta region in Nigeria is blessed with the natural resource of crude oil. Crude oil was discovered in this region since 1958, this made the Nigerian government to divert their attention from agriculture to oil production due to the excessive wealth they made from this new sector. At that time, many indigenes of the region called the

  • Nigerian Development : The Face Of Oil Extraction And How Mncs Such As Shell Essay

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    lucrative resource that could arguably catalyze momentum towards economic development, poverty plagues Nigeria and continues to rise despite efforts to forge positive, developmental changes. In fact, areas showing the largest amounts of oil like the Niger Delta happen to be the country’s most economically marginalized region. A significant impetus of these tumultuous changes has been multinational oil corporations like Shell that have been extracting oil in Nigeria since 1956. This paper seeks to examine

  • Shell Petroleum Discovery Of Nigeria Essay

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    government expenditures came from petroleum proceeds . The Niger Delta region is located at the southernmost part of Nigeria and comprises of nine states; Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Edo, Rivers State, Abia, Imo and Ondo states. The region constitutes 7.5% of Nigeria’s land mass, yet it is “the nerve center of Nigeria’s oil industry” as it produces 100% of its oil and gas and generates more than 80% of all revenues . Aside the Niger Delta’s huge fossil fuel reserves, its numerous rivers,

  • Corporate Deviance And Corporate Social Responsibility

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    Generally, organizations are concerned with giving back to the society in order to appreciate the contributions of the host community to their growth, sustainability and survival according to Oko & Agbonifoh (2014). Using this as the basis of their operations, corporate alertness is increasingly being given to corporate social responsibility philosophies. Most business organization thus work on the idea of maximizing the positive effects of their operation on the society as the negative impacts of