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  • Bill Henson Transformation

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    Whereas, O. Winston Link conveys a similar idea through characterized aesthetic images, specifically in Main Line on Main Street in North Fork, West Virginia (1958). Bill Henson is one of Australia’s leading contemporary artist. He uses digital photography to develop a powerful and edgy atmosphere thus demonstrating a surrealist quality to each of his pieces. Henson transforms his ordinary subjects to the extraordinary, redefining his ideas with rigor that is inseparable from his practical knowledge

  • Photography: One Of My Hobbies

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    Photography being one of my hobbies, What do I think about it? Photographs have now become a necessary possession not piled up as hard copies; rather a soft copy collection is maintained handily on the global internet. Convincingly photography has won hearts of millions of people over the years, standing out as an undeniable hobby. The same hobby or leisure activity, if becomes a dedicated practice could even escort to professionalism. These days everyone owns either a camera or a smart phone. Statistically

  • Alfred Stieglitz : Pioneer Of Modern Art Essay

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    Modern Art Photography Alfred Stieglitz was an American Photographer who was the pioneer of the Modern Art movement in photography. Stieglitz career began with his work of cityscapes and more than 20 years later evolved into a specific style of portraiture. He worked mostly in New York City between the years of 1905 and 1946. Stieglitz founded the Photo-Secession which was a progressive movement towards advancing the creative and unique possibilities of the fine art of photography. This movement

  • Anxiety Case Study Essay

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    reflected on how social life when she lived with her parent and reports her new social difficulties. Client reported that her anxiety is stopping her from making friends. Hannah works as a freelance photographer. Anxiety has been stopping her photography. Hannah reported that she has been receiving less work and took the responsibility for the decline in work. Client reports some of her anxiety symptoms as shaking, hot flashes and sweating. In addition she reports having many flooding thoughts

  • Photography: Making A Photograph Just With A Camera

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    “You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you loved.” —Ansel Adams. To be honest, this is my favorite quote. As a matter of fact every photographer brings part of his experiences and aesthetic to his photographs. Although I am only 16 years old and may have less experience compared to other photographers, my age is one of my advantages and it offers me a unique

  • Pictures that Are Worth a Thousand Words: Photography Essay

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    to get as many photos as possible(“Photographers,” U.S. para. 15). Lifting 10-20 pounds and using the hands, legs, and arms a lot are also extraordinarily import when taking a photography job(“Photographer” what’s para. 2). Forty hours a week is usually how long several photographers work; others work long days and nights(“Photographer” Career para. 4). Digital cameras are popular because photographers can edit their work on the computer (“Photographer” Career para. 15). Even though digital cameras

  • Photography Of The Editors Of A German Periodical

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    editors of a German periodical encouraged Gyula to learn photography himself, instead he decided to select photographs, and often hire photographers. He worked with two female photographers as of 1926. One of the photographers was Ergy Landau and the other is speculated to have been either Germaine Krull or Rogi Andre, who would later marry André Kertesz. Kertesz is largely credited with teaching and inspiring Gyula to photograph by night, writing, “It was looking at his photographs and hearing him

  • Fashion as fine art, American fashion photographer George Platt Lynes enjoyed a high reputation at

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    an unusual gorgeous sheen. Although he also took images of female nude, but the real cause is that people resonate with his make nudes works. Its make nude photography, a form of passion in the male body fully exposed to even let people think male nudes ancient Greece, with a timeless enduring charm. Until today, his fascination for photography has always been a mystery no one could answer. But just before his death in 1955, he destroyed countless negatives and prints, terrified that

  • photo 100 Essay

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    Question 1: A pixel is the basic binary digit used by computers.   You Answered: False Correct Answer: False Question 2: The Bauhaus was a pre-World War II advertising agency that notably used Laszlo Moholy-Nagy’s photographs.   You Answered: False Correct Answer: False Question 3: A lower ISO number means the camera is more sensitive to light, whereas a higher number means the camera is less sensitive to light.   You Answered: True Correct Answer: False Question 4:

  • Is Photography A New Hope?

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    Photography is perhaps the most compelling visual representation of world events. Images have been used to make a statement, change courses of action, even altering the way the world sees war. It is images such as Warren Richardson’s “A New Hope” that has helped causes the world over since the advent of photojournalism prior to the 20th century. The following essay will explore firstly, the importance of photos in journalism and secondly, how photojournalism can be subjective and lastly, how “A New