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  • Nitrate Contamination of Ground Water Essay

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    Nitrate Contamination of Ground Water The Earth's surface is covered by massive amounts of water, but only a small measure of it is safe for consumption. With a very limited supply, we need to focus our energies on preserving its quality and quantity. Nitrates pose a great threat to our precious groundwater. There are many ways that groundwater can be contaminated, but most aren't nearly as detrimental as an increase in the amount of nitrates within our groundwater. How do nitrates get into

  • Effects Of Dietary Nitrates On Weight Maintenance

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    Methods Paper no.:151.708 Topic of research: The effect of dietary nitrates on weight maintenance in obese population following a 10% weight loss TITLE The effect of dietary nitrates on weight maintenance in obese population following a 10% weight loss BACKGROUND Dietary nitrates are inorganic inert anionic compounds in fruits, vegetables and cured meats. About 80-85% of the nitrate in our diets is derived from

  • Essay on Effects of Nitrate on Water Quality

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    freshwater available, the high amount of pollution contaminating this water is appalling. Water quality levels are decreasing, hurting us as well as the countless organisms depending on freshwater habitats to be safe homes. One of the main contaminants, nitrates, which spring from mainly manmade sources, are especially treacherous… Many people are unaware of the impact of

  • Identifying Unknown Ionic Salts From Zinc Nitrate

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    Identifying Unknown Ionic Salts by Precipitation --- Cindy Aim: identify three unknown ionic salts from zinc nitrate, barium nitrate, lead nitrate, sodium chloride, sodium carbonate and magnesium chloride by precipitation. Equipment: • 6 small test tubes • distilled water • measuring cylinder • 3 unknown ionic salts (No.7, 8, 9) • rack • silver nitrate • sodium hydroxide • calcium nitrate • sodium chloride • copper sulphates Method: 1. Pick three unknown ionic salts (NO. 7, 8 and 9) 2. Use the

  • Compare And Contrast Ammonium Nitrate And Calcium Chloride

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    reaction to the addition of the ammonium nitrate and the calcium chloride? Background Information: The experiment deals with cold packs and hot packs and it demonstrates how they work. Cold packs and hot packs are used to help heal injuries mainly. Cold packs help heal sprained ankles, since they remove heat from the inflicted area and make the blood vessels tighten, which lowers the inflammation and pain. Cold packs usually include water, ammonium nitrate or some other salt and fertilizer. The water

  • Effectiveness Of A Patient Applied 10 % Potassium Nitrate

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    S. (1990) This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a patient-applied 10% potassium nitrate glycerine-based gel in decreasing dentinal sensitivity on teeth with exposed dentin apical to the cementoenamel junction. The patients were divided into 3 treatment groups: group 1 was treated with a glycerine-based-10% potassium nitrate gel; group 2 was treated with a glycerine gel without potassium nitrate; and group 3 received no gel and no treatment (control). Following brushing and flossing, groups

  • Chemical Safety Assignment On The Use Of Potassium Nitrate In The Workplace

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    chemical that will be analyzed in this section is potassium nitrate. There are different types of information related to the chemical the student needs to gather to ensure proper air sampling is carried out. It is necessary to determine the fire properties of this chemical and the level of damage it might cause when left in the open. Significantly, the assessment must find out about other processes that affect the usage of potassium nitrate in different environments within the organization (McDermott

  • The New Zealand 's Landscape

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    previous season of 2013-2014. However, the problem that comes with having a higher population of cows than humans within New Zealand (4.9 million cows) is that the amount of waste that is deposited into the soils and waters is excessive. Even though nitrates and phosphates within the waste are essential for the nutrients of plants and soils, immense amounts can eventually be leaked through the soils or runoff into the streams, polluting the ground waters and rivers creating a vast problem environmentally

  • Chem 112 Technical Abstract

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    and the tube was immediately plugged with cotton 1/3 of the way into the tube. The tube was then warmed in a hot water bath for about 5 minutes, the folded red litmus paper was inserted at the top of the tube with a wet crease. After a few minutes, nitrate is indicated on the wet crease of the litmus paper, turning it blue. For the Carbonate test, 25 mg of carbonate sample was added to a centrifuge tube and 3 drops of 6 M H2SO4 was added. A disposable pipet was used to transfer a drop of Ba(OH)2, that

  • High Rate of Salivary Nitric Oxide Levels in Children with Congenital Heart Disease

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    the developmental enamel defects. , , There has been a mounting interest in the role of nitrates and nitrites in protection against oral diseases particularly dental caries in the last few years. , There is a constant supply of concentrated nitrates, the metabolic products of nitric oxide (NO) in the human oral cavity. It is generated either directly from the physiological reduction of dietary nitrates or it originates from L -arginine undergoing the reaction catalyzed by inducible nitric oxide