Nizamuddin Auliya

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  • Allusion In John Cuddon's 'The Moon And The Stars'

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    12) ča:nd ɔr ta:re (Moon and Stars) In the poem "The Moon and the Stars," show the star fatigue caused by the eternal journey. The moon reminds them that movement is the essence of life and only those who endure; those who are tired will die. The poet recognizes that the "arrest of the movement" leads to historical gains; Human history is prescribed in a universe where change is the eternal law of time. But the universe continues to grow and numerous treasures complement its history at every moment

  • The Sufi Movement : A Religious Movement

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    Introduction: The Sufi Movement: Sufism is a religious movement which arose from Islam in the 8th-9th centuries AD. Its followers seek to find truth and love through direct encounters with God. The name ‘Sufism’ is associated with the coarse wool garments that sufi saints wore as a mark of their rejection of worldly things. The method of their realizing God was the renunciation of the World and Worldly pleasures. They lived a secluded life. The Sufi movement consists of fraternal orders in which

  • Example Of Syncretism

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    The shrine of Nizamuddin Auliya in Delhi or the Chirag Dargah of Delhi is a most famous syncretic shrine where Hindus and Muslims go to ask for blessings and Hindu grooms marry only after praying at the shrine. In a way all this points out the dynamics of assimilation and

  • History Project

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    HISTORY PROJECT Islam came to India with Turks. The interaction that took place between Turks and Indians resulted in the development of a syncretic culture. Mutual understanding and assimilation of each other’s culture took place in all fields. This process of assimilation saw lots of ups and downs. The new rulers built palaces and places of worship. Arabs borrowed the principles of arch and dome from Rome through the Byzantine Empire and adopted them. The use of arch and dome was seen in the

  • The Integration Of Indian People

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    In the words of Jawaharlal Nehru, the Indian people to be united by shedding their prejudices of narrow mindedness communalism,regionalism and provincialism. This is the synthesis of the integration of the Indian people. National Integration aims at removing frictions and wielding these two communities into one nation. It also aims at bringing other diverse elements of population viz . Christians , Sikhs , Jains and Parsees and other weaker section of our society into the main stream