No-fault divorce

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  • No-Fault Divorce

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    No-fault divorce has been a legal development which has been at the forefront of major debate for many years now. The first major development in regards to no-fault was Part 2 of the Family Law Act 1996 which sought to introduced a no-fault divorce system in the UK, but this was never fully implemented. The main aim of this piece of legislation was to reduce the amount conflict in a broken-down marriage and was to provide a way out for these individuals which did not involve the need further conflict

  • Fault-Based Divorce

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    from fault based divorce?’ In this article I will be writing about whether the current divorce law needs reforming. In order to move away from fault based divorce. If the fault based divorce was to be removed would it reduce bitterness between the parties. With divorce enquiries reportedly at a 10-year high, pressure is growing from family law professionals – led by family law solicitors’ association Resolution – for reform of the existing ‘fault-based’ system to enable spouses to divorce within

  • Marriage Should Not Be A Sacred Thing

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    the Philippines and The Vatican City make divorce illegal. Here in America divorces are happening every single day. This social phenomenon is considered problematic. Almost 50% of all marriages end in divorce. When most people think of a divorce, they think of it ending in bad terms due to infidelity; but this is not always the case. It’s important to understand what a divorce is, how it works, who it affects, the consequences, and the solution. Divorce has become way to common; we need to reestablish

  • Evolution Of Divorce And The Consequences It Has On Todays Society

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    For my research project, I would like to explore the evolution of divorce/marriage and the consequences it has on todays society. In todays society the definition of family has dramatically changed, both by structure and by definition. Divorce is now the norm. Today in the United States it is believed that the divorce rate hovers at about 50% and that one of every six adults divorces two or more times. Why has this become normal, and what can we do to fix this? I believe that by taking a step back

  • The Truths And Myths Of Divorce

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    Abstract: The Truths and Myths of Divorce in America There are many facets to all divorces. Why did a divorce happen, who is affected, and how do you move on? All of these questions are at the forefront of not only the couple’s mind, but also their families. Answering the question of who is more likely to get divorced is a way to dive in to see why divorce happens and whom it affects. Next, diving in even deeper to issues of divorce, the question of how children are affected plays a large role in

  • The Rise in the Divorce Rate Essay

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    The topic that I have chosen to do my research on is the rise in the divorce rate. The reason I have chosen this topic is because I myself have recently been through a divorce. I think everyone by now has heard that fifty-percent of marriages now a days end in divorce. So after going through a divorce myself I would like to know why that is.” Today 59% of the population is married down from 62% in 1990 and 72% in 1970. One of the first things I looked at was the average length of a marriage. I found

  • Annotated Bibliography On Divorce

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    LLM Dissertation Proposal Title Divorce whose fault is it and does it really matter? Research Aims: MP Richard Bacon (South Norfolk) (Conservative) Introduced The No-Fault Divorce Bill 2015 -2016 to the House of Commons on 13 October 2015.The No Fault-Divorce Bill 2015 -2016 is a Bill to make provision for the dissolution of a marriage or civil partnership when each party has separately made a declaration that the marriage or civil partnership has irretrievably broken down without a requirement

  • Divorce Essay On Divorce

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    Project October 13, 2017 The American Divorce: Before and After No-Fault Mr. and Mrs. James Luxford of the Massachusetts Bay Colony hold the distinction of being the first couple to divorce in the American Colonies back on December 3, 1639, on the grounds of bigamy. After the divorce was granted, James was promptly thrown in the stocks and eventually banished to England. Divorce was treated with more severity back then. The stigma once connected to divorce has changed drastically throughout American

  • What Are The Cause And Effects Of Divorce

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    modern society, divorce is becoming more normal than ever. Statistically speaking, over forty-five percent of all marriages end in divorce. Divorce defined by Webster as the action or an instance of legally dissolving a marriage [1]. The word divorce can be used to describe both a cause and an effect. A few causes of divorce could include lack of communication, financial distress, and sexual indiscretion. These are just a few of the most common causes of divorce. The effects a divorce seems almost

  • How Can Family Law Be Reformed

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    Family and Welfare Law Summative Essay: Analyse the impact of the five facts upon which a divorce may be based and discuss the arguments surrounding the creation of a no-fault divorce system. To what extent do you consider the law in this area should be reformed? 1. Analyse impact of 5 facts 2. Argue – no-fault divorce system 3. Reform Intro: The law of divorce has drastically evolved through the years and encompasses the process of terminating a valid marriage between a woman and a man, ultimately