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    Nocturnal animals are more active at night than daytime. These animals sleep during daytime and hunt their food at night. They have special adaptation that helps them to survive at night. They prefer to come out at night to escape the daytime heat though some nocturnal animals can be seen during the day and others spend the whole day resting or sleeping. There are millions of animals and some of it is nocturnal animals. We haven’t discovered all of it and other nocturnal animals become extinct as

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    Nocturnal Animals is a movie written and directed and by the fashion juggernaut Tom Ford, who used capital earned from his brand to fund most of his movies and become a film director. In my opinion, Ford was extremely successful in transferring his artistry and creativity to cross the bridge from the fashion industry taking it to Hollywood. The movie features Amy Adams, known for her role as a supporting actress in the Superman movies which was not well received by the critics and American Hustle

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    that comes with a tapetum lucidum, thus providing an advantage to remaining unseen in nocturnal conditions (Ross 1996). The tarsier’s lack of a tapetum is of course amply compensated by eye size and a likely consequence of secondary adoption of nocturnality by its branch of the common haplorrhine lineage (Crompton, 1989). The benefits of

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