Non-compete clause

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  • Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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    Another year has come and gone in which thousands of fans have been able to enjoy a variety of sports at the collegiate level. Many spectators of collegiate sports would affirm that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) provides as much entertainment as professional sports; a fact that is prove to by the organization’s annual revenue, which nets more than $6 billion yearly (Fitzel, 3). Interestingly enough, National Basketball Association (NBA) generates less then college football and

  • Jetblue: Managing Growth

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    Power of Suppliers: High - Airbus has a lot of power because they supply to many other airlines - Embraer has less bargaining power because JetBlue is the only airline to purchase the E190 Threat of New Entrants: Low - Cost is high - Hard to compete against the large airlines not only for customers but space at the airports for their airplanes. Rivalry: High - Especially high with Southwest - Always in competition to retain the best employees and not lose them to other airlines - Always

  • MGT 320 Mastery Exercises Essay

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    MGT 320 Mastery Exercises Week 1 1. It is normally wise to represent yourself in court if you have some form of legal background. a. False 2. Standing is a statutory requirement that Congress can eliminate a. False 3. Requiring a defendant to pay a portion of his or her wages to satisfy a judgment is called _________. a. Garnishment 4. A peremptory challenge can be used to remove a juror based on gender a. False 5. The only unelected branch of government is which is the following? a. Judiciary 6

  • Staff Model Hmo vs. Group Model Hmo

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    they tend to be a bit less structured than the Staff Model HMOs. Many Group Model HMOs have ties to hospitals in the areas in which they practice, but are legally independent of those hospitals. New physicians to group practices must sign a Non-Compete Clause to prevent stealing of patients and often face an entry barrier due to the reverence given to senior members of the HMO. Staff Model

  • New-Hire Onboarding and Information Security Essay

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    New employees, full-time or non-employee contractors, present a number of risks in regards to information security. These risks can be mitigated with well-designed and thorough interview and onboarding processes. An organization’s human resources department must have guidelines in place for interviewers and hiring managers to follow to allow for high-risk potential candidates to be filtered out prior to hiring. The importance of information security as part of the hiring process is so important;

  • A Case For A Partnership Agreement

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    10. Kathleen and Jim are business partners at a consulting firm. Upon Jim’s sudden death, his widow claims that she is entitled to a share of the firm’s assets or should be able to take his Jims place as Kathleen’s partner. Is she entitled to her claims? Why or why not? The outcome of this case depends on whether or not a partnership agreement was formed prior to the partner’s death. If the partnership agreement wasn’t formed, general partnership State statues will take default (Clarkson, 2015,

  • Ethics Chapter 1 Ethical Dilemma Essay

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    may be perfectly legal but we may not think it is okay. Keeping this in mind, John’s ethical issues include thoroughly researching IPOs and using this information to his advantage, pocketing profits from the shorting process, disregarding the non-compete clause and allowing mailings to be sent to his clients prior to resigning, indirectly letting his clients know he was personally paying for their expenses instead of

  • The Great Challenges For Low Income And Least Developed States Within The International Community

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    Social, political and economic development have been and continue to be some of the greatest challenges for low income and least-developed states within the international community. “Development” can be explained in a variety of ways, including economic growth and purchasing power parity, but one of the best ways to illustrate development is described by Amartya Sen as the capability or opportunity to develop. Sen explains that poverty is capability deprivation, and therefore not a lack of income

  • Piercing the Veil in Taxation Matters

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    Piercing the veil is one of the most discussed and litigated doctrines in all of corporate law. A company has a corporate personality distinct from its members. From the juristic point of view, it is a legal person distinct from its members. This is the principal laid down in Salomon v. Salomon & co. ltd., (1897) A.C. 22].The courts did this to in relation to a one person member company. The principal is commonly referred as “veil of incorporation” The courts were bound by these principals but

  • E La America Needs Its Nerds T MC

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    * AP English Language and Composition Multiple Choice Fridman’s “America Needs its Nerds” Teacher Overview AP* is a trademark of the College Entrance Examination Board. The College Entrance Examination Board was not involved in the production of this material. ® Copyright © 2009 Laying the Foundation , Inc., Dallas, TX. All rights reserved. Visit: Multiple Choice Leonid Fridman’s “America Needs Its Nerds” (References the 2008 AP* English Language Exam Question 2,