Non-maskable interrupt

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    This interrupt takes the form of a memory address of code needed to handle the interrupt (in this case print a file). Alternatively a simple pulse can be sent over the signal line. This results in additional processing for the CPU prior to step 4 to pole the devices and find the one responsible. In this case the device id becomes a pointer to an array containing the address of the event handler for that device (Zaks,1980, p. 506). 3. When the CPU receives the interrupt it suspends processing

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    guests (usually decently important people) on their show to discuss a certain topic or important questions. These don't usually turn out too well, despite the interesting concept. On these events you will often notice that the news anchors and guests interrupt each other at an extensive rate. One minute someone's talking about what they think of a presidential nominee, and the next you hear someone say something that sounds a little like: "Um.. Hold on a minute. Hold on. Here's why you're completely and

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    BE EXTC D T S P DEC- 2004 By Kiran Talele ( ) Q 1. (a) FIR filter described by the difference equation : y(n) = x (n) + x (n – 4) (i) Compute and sketch magnitude and phase response. [4] ⎛π ⎞ ⎛π ⎞ (ii) Find its response to the input x(n) = cos⎜ n ⎟ + cos⎜ n ⎟, − ∞ < n < ∞. ⎝2 ⎠ ⎝4 ⎠ [4] Solution : (i) To find Magnitude and Phase Response Given (i) By ZT, y (n) = x (n) + x (n – 4) Y (z) = x (z) + z -4 x (z = x (z) (1 + z -4) H (z) = 1 + z -4 z = e jw H (e jw) = 1 + e –j4w

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