Norah Hoult

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  • Analysis Of Norah Hoult 's ' Bridget Kiernan '

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    employment opportunities, emigrating to England or the USA, where there was a high demand for servants and maids. Working as a maid was viewed as a respectable and self-supporting career for women during this time, but conditions were not always ideal. In Norah Hoult’s 1928 short story “Bridget Kiernan,” we can see the perspective of an indifferent, inefficient maid that is not in the best working environment or family. Although it seems Bridget Kiernan has poor work ethic and is inclined to daydream on the

  • Catcher in the Rye Theme Essay

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    "Catcher in the Rye" written by J.D. Salinger, is a novel in which the author creates much irony in the way he presents the loss of innocence or the fall from innocence in his main character, Holden Caulfield. While Holden clearly believes in protecting the innocence of children in society, he himself cannot seem to hang onto his own innocence. Throughout the novel Holden shows his love and protection for childhood innocence, the irony that he in fact himself may be losing his own childhood innocence

  • Literary Analysis Of In The Lake Of The Woods

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    The Monster Inside the Man. No matter how well people think they are at keeping secrets, the truth will always come out. In the book In the Lake of the Woods by Tim O’Brien with John Wade is an ambitious man who, since childhood, has been seeking acceptance and appreciation from others. Many tragic events from his life are what shaped him and what led him to great heights to achieve this. Until he loses his wife Kathy is when he realizes that the only acceptance and appreciation that he needed was

  • The Dawn of the Night

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    The preceding tale, as it happened, proceeded towards the writer upon the general route of the petty town talk. Feeling half-quenched by the apparent buzz, (to be blamed solely on the peculiar inquisitiveness of the writer) hence it happened that the story once again was absorbed, evidently providing a much more absolute procession of facts, through the obliging mother; Mrs. Sheila Jones’s account. Which was precisely thus: Through the whole week, they told her she does not want to meet her. They

  • Analysis Of `` As A Young Man `` Essay

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    In the introduction to his grandfather’s work, Sean Hemingway writes, “as a young man, I was impressed by the repeated emphasis in [The Sun Also Rises] on the need to pay the bill—to take care of one’s own affairs—and Jake Barnes’ ability to make his way in the world” (xii). It is this emphasis on paying the bill, on money, that acts as Hemingway’s harshest criticism of the lifestyles of American expatriates in Europe at the time. The extravagance and the excess always comes at a price. This was