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  • English Part 1

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    ! Visual: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory contrasting to Journey, The North Coast What ideas about discovery does this text convey and what techniques does the composer use to represent their view of Discovery?! ! Emotionally or Physically rediscovering something challenges an individuals perception preventing them to stimulate new ideas and speculate future possibilities. As rediscoveries are sudden and unexpected the ramifications differ for individuals and their worlds leading to powerful

  • Summary Of Ursula Le Guin's 'The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas'

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    inherently a challenging and transformative process that predicates personalised enrichment, broadening one’s perception of self and the world governing them. This is evident in Robert Gray’s poetic anthology Coast Road: Selected Poems (2014), as “The Meatworks” (1982) and “North Coast Town” (1985) congruently explore the transience of nature in commercialised societies, and expose the abhorrent reality of industrialisation. Similarly, Ursula Le Guin’s short story The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

  • Pwani: The Perfect Holiday Getway in Kenya

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    Coast province also known as Pwani in Swahili is the place known by many Kenyans as the land to let go and have fun once in a year, for some it’s the perfect holiday getaway. It has many amazing hotels some with sandy beaches and others just five minutes away. This is the place where fun is guaranteed. It’s located along the Indian Ocean and it was one of Kenya’s provinces. The area was inhabited by Mijikenda and Swahili but with time that changed and other people started occupying the area especially

  • Francis Drake Essay

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    was supposed to be so secret, people sure had a lot to write. Letters from the most obscure individuals are included. One such letter is one from Magistrate Gaspar de Vargis, which was sent by courier to another town, Oaxaca, in effort to warn them of a corsair who was raiding coastal towns. That corsair, of course, was Francis Drake. The varied nature of the origins of the letters that the author includes serves to reinforce the idea that Bawlf went to great lengths to research his topic and to make

  • The Connecticut Disaster

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    On August 20th, 1955, President Dwight Eisenhower declared Connecticut a disaster area, due to major flooding from both Hurricane Connie on August 11 and Hurricane Diane on the 17th. Sixty-seven towns experienced flooding prompting residents to banned together to save their community and homes. Considered by many to be the most tragic events in the history of Connecticut, it also brought the necessary public awareness to the danger of floods and what can cause them. The devastation caused by Connie

  • Hurricane Matthew: Severe Damage Along Its Process

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    killed almost a thousand people and left ten thousands of homeless before it skirted northward to the Florida Atlantic’s coastal and the coast of Georgia. Matthew striked the coast of Florida with 120 mile-per-hour winds and on 7 October 2016, Matthew moved to the coastal of Georgia. The emergencies were declared in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Most people took the warnings seriously and evacuated to the safer ground.

  • Essay about The Effects of Global Warming

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    in the south of England vary greatly from those in the north of Scotland - they have all found a climate that suit’s them. If the temperature raises; many species may move north to find somewhere they are comfortable but may then find it too wet. Also the increased competition from other species may mean that many won’t survive. Sea levels may rise which would mean that some wildlife reserves along the coast could be flooded. Scientists think that storm surges may be

  • Essay On Londonwood

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    filled with beautiful, authentic seaside towns just waiting to be discovered. Whether a traveler is seeking breathtaking views, fresh local seafood or a frothy pint of beer at a charming village pub, the English coast has it all. Here are eight towns along the English coast that offer visitors a taste of authentic England: 1. With its distinctive north and south coasts, Devon is a sea lover's dream destination. However, even in a county teeming with seaside towns, Ilfracombe stands out. Founded in

  • The Long Term Dispute Over Which Is Better, East Coast Vs. West Coast

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    The long term dispute over which is better, east coast vs. west coast, will undoubtedly continue until this country no longer exists. While both coasts offer travelers and natives a variety of places to eat, things to do, and places to see, California, North Carolina, and South Carolina want to put their states on the map with their interesting history and ways of living. Due to so much variety on each coast, there is something on each side for everyone. More often than not, people picture California

  • The Meatworks Robert Gray Analysis

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    which catalyse renewed perceptions of the self, others and the world. However, in order for these impacts to happen, individuals and readers must be willing to reflect on certain discoveries, which is seen in Robert Gray’s poems The Meatworks and North Coast Town and Nam Le’s The Boat. This notion is explored through; firstly, provocative and confronting external experiences facilitate transformed perceptions of the self others and the world. Secondly, that there can be far reaching ramifications when