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  • The North Pole : A Cold Place With Penguins And Polar Bears

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    The North Pole; not the North Pole where Santa lives with his elves and reindeer, the other North Pole. The North Pole that many people don’t think of, or care of. Many people don’t know a lot about the North Pole. Some people think of a cold place with penguins and polar bears. They don’t understand what is actually going on at the North Pole or how it got discovered. What many people don’t understand is that there are different types of North Poles. Another thing they don’t know is how the North

  • The Importance Of Totem Poles In The North West America

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    Totem Poles are not just for show, but for other very important things. There are three important reasons why Totem Poles are important. Those three reasons are 1) it showed spiritual significance, 2) who watch over the families, 3) symbolizes guardian spirits or helpers each of the animals. Totem Poles are made by the Indian tribes in the North West of America. There are many different kinds of Totem Poles like these: Genealogy, Clan, Social status, Memorial, a Deceased clan member, Mortuary, deceased

  • The Arctic Regions Of The North And North Poles

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    Two Poles The north and south poles also known as the arctic and Antarctic are two isolated regions of the planet located in each hemisphere of the planet. When for some reasons these two regions come to our minds we used to think in two far, isolated, cold, and uninhabited place of the world. It is true the they seem very similar but is actually the opposite. Their weather and topography is not the same, they have different animals, and their populations are quite different. First, the north pole

  • North Pole Research Paper

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    point north? Well, in 1909, we found out where the northernmost point on the earth is. I know what you’re thinking, and NO it's not Santa’s workshop. Two brave explorers by the names of Robert Peary and Matthew Henson reached the North Pole on april 6th, 1909 (Schlager and Lauer). Other attempts were made to find the North Pole, but Matthew Henson, and Robert Peary’s expedition was the first documented trip. Earlier in 1909, Ernest Shackleton led a voyage to try and find the North Pole, but

  • Controversy: The Founder Of The North Pole

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    "We were the only pulsating creatures in a dead world of ice." This is a quote from famous North Pole explorer Frederick Albert Cook. He, along with explorer Robert Edwin Peary, are well known as the founders of the North Pole. However, nobody knows who the actual founder is. The controversy on who was the first to make it there is an ongoing one, with both explorers claiming to have made it there first. Cook claimed that he had made it a year earlier than Peary, but the argument can go both ways

  • Matthew Henson's Journey To The North Pole

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    had hired him as his valet for his journeys. After many decades, they had explored the Arctic for two long decades and on April 6, 1909, Henson, Edwin, and the rest of their crew had arrived to the North Pole, being the first ones said to reach the North Pole. To us nowadays, arriving to the North Pole is merely small accomplishment, but for the past, it was a great one. It took so many attempts to reach the place and many gave up, thinking it was impossible. This is why I chose Henson. Even though

  • Theme Of Fate In Frankenstein

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    The Story of Fate and Omen:Frankenstein ‘What may not be expected in a country of eternal light?’(Shelley 1).This question comes from Walton’s first letter to his sister in England.It is also a brief summary of 19th century world.19th century has been a climax in terms of love of science since The Renaissance when people discovered themselves and became a light.In order to reflect this enlightenment into the society, literature has always been an instrument.Social structure is dynamic.Changes

  • The Human Need for Love in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Essay

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    The Human Need for Love Exposed in Frankenstein   Written in 1817 by Mary Shelley, Frankenstein is a novel about the "modern Prometheus", the Roman Titian who stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. The story takes place in several European countries during the late 1700's. It is the recollection of Victor Frankenstein to a ship captain about his life. Victor is a student of science and medicine who discovers a way to reanimate dead flesh. In a desire to create the perfect race he constructs

  • Movement Self Evaluation By Robyn Ogilvie

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    Movement Self Evaluation by Robyn Ogilvie For 07/01/16 The S3 Movement and Staging Unit began with the class looking at and learning about different positions of staging such as End On and Traverse. After that, we moved onto looking at different types of movement and how to use them. We also carried out lots of different movement warm-ups before going onto planning and rehearsing a Christmas movement piece. We eventually performed our piece to a target audience of our choice. There are three

  • Descriptive Essay On Christmas Is Real

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    traveled into the forest and through knee deep white snow. It took me a long way until I reached a very big wonderful place. When I reached this wonderful place and it was all colorful. When I reached a wooden brown sign and it said The North Pole and it was all bright and even some of the snow was melting. Th smell of the fresh air blowing from all the enormous candy canes outside about buried in snow. When I reached this big tall wooden cabin I went inside and there was a lot of elves