Northern Hemisphere

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  • The Northern Hemisphere

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    Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death In 1816, sections of the northern hemisphere experienced a “year without a summer.” The average summer temperatures across the northeastern United States, Canadian Maritime Provinces and much of Europe were colder than any other year in the previous 600 years, with the exception of the summer of 1601. The estimated mean surface temperature anomaly for the northern hemisphere in 1816 is -0.51 K. In Europe, temperatures averaged 1-2 C cooler than was typical

  • Constellations In The Northern Hemisphere

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    THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE CONSTELLATIONS The constellations in the Northern hemisphere that I chose to observe are: Sagittarius, Scorpius, Hercules, Aquila and Ophiuchus. The constellations have been used for quite a few things like navigation, agriculture and used to predicted the seasons and more. The many two that the ancient people used the constellations for were navigation and agriculture. The ancient Greeks and Romans used the North Star called Polaris just by looking at how high Polaris

  • The Northern Hemisphere: The Weather Patterns

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    In recent years the weather patterns are nothing short of crazy. While parts of the Northern Hemisphere are suffering intolerable cold conditions with floods and excessive winds and snow falls in the Southern Hemisphere there is extensive droughts, floods, winds and other horrors like super fires. In Australia as elsewhere the droughts have cost lives as farmers kill off their animals and dig crops into the ground. Those crying the loudest about the drought gripping their livelihoods are pictured

  • The Winter Solstice And Northern Hemisphere

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    When the earth rotates on its axis it starts to changes seasons. But that 's depending where you live you and if you are on the different sides of the earth. That are known as the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. I say this because it may be summer in America but winter in Australia. But it can also change the weather if you think about it because during the different seasons the temperature changes. For example where we live it gets really hot over one-hundred Fahrenheit. But in

  • Research Paper On Widdershins

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    Widdershins is the opposite direction as the path the sun appears to move in when viewed from the Northern Hemisphere. It can also be spelt withershins, widershins, or widderschynnes. Widdershins is also known as counterclockwise, anti-clockwise, or lefthandwise and is considered the direction opposite from the usual. Walking around something and always keeping it to your left is walking in a widdershin motion. The German word widersinin (‘against’ + ‘sense’) shares the same origin as widdershins

  • The Intertropical Convergence Zone Plays a Large Role in the Climate

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    Tropical events such as monsoon and cyclones occur in the ITCZ and are products of the unique convection system found around the ITCZ (Yancheva et al., 2007, Ferreira and Schubert, 1997).The ITCZ is a product of humid trade winds from the northern and southern hemisphere converging and then rising. This rising of humid air usually results in precipitation over the tropics(Waliser and Somerville, 1994). This rising of the humid air acts as the driving force in the Hadley Cell (Waliser and Somerville, 1994)

  • The Natural And Physical Aspects Of The World We Live

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    Physical –Chemical Oceanography I Science is the study of the natural and physical aspects of the world we live in. Science is the way humans try to understand why the environment acts in the way it does. Science has set of rules and guidelines that must be followed. The most important step in science is observation, the point of observation is so that the experiment can be measured and or the experiment can be repeated with similar or the same results. Hypotheses are then developed to disprove the

  • Westerlies: What´s A Prevailing Wind?

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    What is a prevailing wind? At the point when the wind reliably blows more frequently from one bearing than from another, it is known as a prevailing wind. A case would be the prevailing winds that rule the flow in the midlatitudes. In the United States, for instance, these winds reliably move the "climate" from west to east over the landmass. Implanted inside this general eastbound stream are cells of high and low weight, with their trademark clockwise and counterclockwise stream. Subsequently, the

  • Rapid Climate Change Events During The Period Between 10ka And 50ka ( Steig )

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    oceanic-circulation and atmospheric conditions. Clark et al (2009) presented the extent of the LGM, with growth of ice-sheets to their maximum extent occurring between 33ka and 26.5ka; primarily in response to climate forcing from decreases in northern summer insolation, tropical Pacific sea surface

  • Ocean Literacy: Why Does Ocean Matter?

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    Why does the ocean matter? Many people find themselves asking this question. They view the ocean as just being a large part of the planet that takes up significant space (the ocean takes up about 70% of the earth and is responsible for about 97% of the earth’s total water). The people who ask this question would be defined as not being ocean literate. An ocean literate person is one who understands ocean literacy. This means that they understand the essential principles and fundamental concepts of