Northwest Indiana

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  • Northwest Indiana Business Analysis

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    Newton County, Pulaski County, and Starke County) of Northwest Indiana had experienced a major reduction in the amount of steel-related jobs over the past decade. Northwest Indiana had also experienced an overall decline in manufacturing jobs and occupations requiring little or no skills. The Center of Workforce Innovations, Inc. (CWI), defined as a nonprofit corporation dedicated to addressing workforce development issues throughout Northwest Indiana has made it their mission to help diversify the region

  • Descriptive Essay About Vacation

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    and hurricanes have plagued the regions we seek to dilute the soul and only follow once we have left the region do we realize we have yet again out run catastrophe. The infectious misfortune of our self-hazardous vacations begins in Potato Creek, Indiana. A small place known for great places to camp and spend time with loved ones, we found it to be a great place to venture to for the weekend. Camping was exhilarating and as all children do we find adventure and a sense of youthful childishness in

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Northwest Indiana Pipeline Project

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    I have decided to do my Rhetorical analysis, on the topic of the Northwest Indiana pipeline project. This project has been a hot button issue of late, there has been much debate amongst citizens and law makers on this issue of late. Though the same question has always been debated, by numerous people. People everywhere want to know, is the reward worth the risk? The topic of the pipe line is especially important to the American Indians who are in the way of the pipeline construction path. Though

  • George Rogers Clark Fort Sackville Campaign

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    The George Rogers Clark National Historical Park is located in Vincennes, Indiana, on the banks of the Wabash River. A memorial stands on the site of Fort Sackville to honor the capture of the fort from British soldiers by Lieutenant Colonel George Rogers Clark and his men on February 25, 1779, one of the greatest feats of the American Revolutionary War. Clark's army, aided by French people of the Illinois country, had marched through freezing floodwaters to gain this victory. The fortes capture

  • Tecumseh : A Shawnee Chief

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    Tecumseh was a Shawnee Chief who attempted to liberate his confederacy of American Indians to create an independent land from the United States of America, To understand why Tecumseh did what he did and why he is revered as one of the greatest military leaders in history, we look back into the past into his heritage of the Shawnee, his relationship with his brother, Laulewasikaw (later to be named Teakatowah), and his archrival Governor William Henry Harrison. The most important and intriguing aspect

  • Is Manufacturing Destroying The Environment Essay

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    Introduction How is manufacturing destroying the Earth that we live on? Manufacturing does have many benefits for our lives. It provides us with the necessary things we use every day like cars, food, clothing, roads, appliances, and so many others. Producing all these useful things, however, does have set backs that many people do not consider when they are buying these products. Where do they get the material and resources for products? Where is the waste going? What types of energy are used to

  • Analysis Of Greenwood

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    Greenwood is a suburb of Indianapolis in Johnson County, Indiana. It's considered as the most populous suburb of the metro area. It was originally Lenape Indian territory they called Smocktown, then renamed Greedfield in 1825. By 1872, Greenwood became the official name in honor of Samuel Greenwood. The Polk Canning Company was the driving force for growth in the early years. This canning company canned vegetables grown in the state. It was eventually purchased by Stokely-Van Camp, which operated

  • A Brief Note On The Iu Tennis Center

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    bankruptcy and closed. It reopened in 1987 with the help of IU. The IU Tennis Center is an indoor tennis membership facility serving students and staff at Indiana University. The IU Tennis Center promotes the positive health through physical, mental, and social benefits of tennis. A third attraction near IU is the Indiana University Art Museum. The Indiana University Art Museum was founded in 1941. It has about 45,000 works of art in it. The museum opened in 1941. Today, Museum’s internationally acclaimed

  • Building Strange Bedfellows : Indiana Housing And Community Development Coalition

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    Strange Bedfellows – Indiana Housing and Community Development Coalition Toward the end of the 2015 meeting of the Indiana General Assembly (“Session”), it became evident that a few advocacy organizations were seemingly misinformed and disconnected from IHCDA policy positions. Rather than addressing these issues individually, IHCDA seized the opportunity to develop a much broader working group of advocates and experts that are connected to housing and community development in Indiana. After receiving

  • Motivations Behind Altered Images : Feigned Realities

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    Motivations Behind Altered Images: Feigned Realities In an increasingly visual society, wherein mediated information and reality are weaved together, making it nearly impossible to distinguish what is real from what is represented, beauty may only seem skin deep. Each day we are constantly bombarded by images and messages from society and the media telling us who, what, and how we should be. Nearly every magazine published boasts various headlines promising fat blasting secrets or how to get flawless