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    Why Was Henry Wirz Guilty

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    Davidson Davidson was a prisoner at the camp who was called to the stand to testify about the dogs. He stated that the dogs in Andersonville were very harmful and had wounded, or had even killed, some of the Union soldiers. When being asked questions by Chipman, the attorney for prosecution, Davidson stated that the prisoners who tried to escape were mauled by the dogs. He also said that Wirz watched and cheered as the dogs were attacking the soldiers saying, “get those Yankee bastards!” Why should this

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    Andersonville Prison epitomized the ultimate crime against humanity. The atrocities that transpired in this confederate prison sparked reaction and outrage at the conclusion of the Civil War. During the American Civil War, a prisoner of war was a person who was captured and imprisoned by the enemy. Both the Union and the Confederates had to deal with such matters of prisoners of war. According to Gabor S. Boritt, both the North and the South each had approximately 30 prison camps that held about

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