Not Without My Daughter

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  • Importance Of Conformity In The Film 'Not Without My Daughter'

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    Year 11, I was asked to join you here today to discuss conformity and its presence in the brilliant film; “Not Without My Daughter”, directed by Brain Gilbert. The movie was adapted from the true story based on Betty Mahmoody’s experience. The plot pivots on a sinister manipulation: Iranian-American husband “Moody”, convinces his American wife, Betty, to travel with him and their daughter, Mahtob, for a vacation in Iran, promising to safely return to their Michigan home two weeks later. However, once

  • Not Without My Daughter

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    Film Analysis: Not Without My Daughter The film Not Without My Daughter depicts both positive and negative responses to the Islamic religion. The film starts off with the couple of Moody and Betty, and their daughter, Mahtob. In the opening scene, the family is depicted of being loving, humorous, and supportive. The culturally unbiased and multi-faceted portrayal of Islam in this film is accomplished by including both negative aspects, through depicting gender discrimination and positive aspects

  • Persepolis and Not Without My Daughter

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    Persepolis & Not Without My Daughter The Iranian revolution of 1979 refers to the overthrowing of the last king of Iran. It was an Islamic revolution which attempted to replace Mohammed Reza Shah, with an Islamic republic under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the revolution. Strong opposition against the Shah showed that the people wanted a religious ruler rather than someone they saw as an American puppet. Many Iranian people would think that the Shah was a ‘capitalist pig’ who

  • Not Without My Daughter Cultural Analysis

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    cooperation. Every different culture, has their own mindset, their perspective. People tend to judge others culture based on their own perspective and that can lead to cultural misunderstandings. For example, in the movie, "Not Without My Daughter", Mahtob saw the

  • A Day Without My Daughter Rhetorical Analysis

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    against the Taliban has been raging for well over a decade. Lives have been lost; families have been broken and torn apart. Suffering thousands of losses on both sides, each must cast these unthinkable circumstances aside to communicate compassion without speaking a single word. The untitled picture of an Afghan citizen, offering tea to an American soldier and his brigade, speaks volumes against the stereotypes bystanders are exposed to regularly; employing the villager to demonstrate selfless love

  • What Is The Theme Of Not Without My Daughter By Betty Mahmoody

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    The novel Not Without My Daughter is a book by Betty Mahmoody which gives us an insight into the hard and tainted life the author herself went through being a wife and mother in a stringent patriarchal society in which a woman is reprimanded and punished for having a voice. The social experiences, where two societies meet and unite in the ties of marriage are delineated in various scholarly works. One such work which concentrates on the social experiences in connection to marriage is the book Not

  • Family Relationships : The Castle, Good Will Hunting And Not Without My Daughter

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    Family relationships are an important part of humanity. Many children grow up with or without a family thus resulting the way they behave. Having a good relationship with your family is the key to a healthy living. We need to trust one another and learn to gain respect for a happy future. This is an important part of the process to a healthy relationship because it plays a crucial role in instilling values and teaching responsibilities.For example if there are parents who fought a lot, the child

  • Signor Antonio Research Paper

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    turned and now I am receiving the biggest punishment of all. What do I do now? My possessions, my livelihood, my beliefs all gone; all taken away from me. My daughter has run away with some Christian man. Lorenzo they say his name is, and he pollutes my daughter with his belief. I thought I would have my revenge on the Christian. Signor Antonio has mistreated and disrespected me all my life, and now I believed, he shall feel my pain. When he came to me, begging for money, despite me hatred towards

  • Whitey: A Short Story

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    I feel so depressed and melancholy when my daughter Whitey was in a coma because of a car accident in Indiana. I got more depressed as the days passed by. My older daughter has been taken care of her in the hospital, thinking that she was my daughter. I always hope she will be back in motion. It's was unbelievable where I came to know that my daughter Whitey was killed in an accident and buried by my friend's family by mistake. As days passed by, I felts so emotionally and mentally sad. I am shocked

  • Personal Narrative: Girls Prep

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    through everything that has happened, since I have submitted my nine page formal complaint. I am going to give some background information and speak on some things that have recently happened, after my complaint was already submitted. As an active parent of a fourth grade student at Girls Prep Lower East Side, I am appalled by the horrible treated my daughter and I have received from Girls Prep. As an advocate for my daughter, I brought my concerns to the teacher Ms. Hallisey, the Student and Family