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  • The Fast Paced Growth Of Nova Chemicals

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    COMPANY BACKGROUND NOVA Chemicals is a specialty chemicals manufacturing company located in Southern Ontario, on the St. Clair River west of Toronto. NOVA Chemicals specialises in the production of polyethylene (PE), high density and linear low density polyethylene. [1] The production process involves the transportation of the liquid ethylene feedstock, via pipeline, to the plant site followed by the production of various PE resins (pellet form). These PE pellets are then sold to consumers for use

  • Movie Review : Two Movies

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    Two movies base on comic books written in 1963 and 2008. The Avengers first written in 1963 then made it to the theater in 2012, is a group of superheroes brought together to save the world. The Guardians of the Galaxy first appeared in 2008, later made into a movie in 2014 is a group of scavengers and killers work together to save the galaxy. Both movies were action packed and filled with humor and story. The character’s interaction with each other, the humor, and animation were written very well

  • Short-period Oscillations in Super-Soft Novae

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    of the nova ejecta. Accurate predictions are currently not possible from evolutionary models, but empirical scaling relations have recently been derived from population studies (Henze et al. 2013; Schwarz et al. 2011). Their predictive power is not yet well established, and Swift is still needed to study the X-ray evolution of individual novae and to guide deeper X-ray observations. The first Swift monitoring campaign of a nova was performed during the 2006 outburst of the recurrent nova RSOph,

  • Why Nova Scotia Failed to Join the American Revolution

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    Abstract: This essay discusses why Nova Scotia failed to join the American Revolution. It discusses the social, political, economic, geographic, as well as religious factors that led to Nova Scotians’ lack of attachment to revolutionary ideology in the colonies. During the time of the American Revolution, Nova Scotia was geographically on the northeastern frontier of Massachusetts. No geographical feature separated Nova Scotia from Maine, which meant that the Canadian province was very much a part

  • Ferguson's Mountain Essay

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    Battle On the morning of October 7, 1780, Campbell’s men reached Ferguson’s position and quietly approached the base of the mountain. The sound of the horses’ hooves muffled, the ground softened from the night’s rain. (Jones, 2009) Campbell faced a challenge, Ferguson’s campsite located at the southwest end of the mountain ridge dropped to a narrow “hogback” (U.S. Army War College, 1928) which gradually descended approximately 400 yards that ended in a steep drop to the highway. Campbell had

  • Settlement in the Canadian Maritime Provinces Essay

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    Introduction “New France was not merely the settlement of a few fur traders.” The Acadians were “a pastoral-like people who once formed a proud nation in a land called Acadia.” Although falling under the jurisdiction of “New France,” the Acadians governed separately than the rest of the country and were an independent entity within New France. Today, “the Acadians are the French speaking population of the Canadian Maritime provinces,” and these are the Acadians that were not displaced during

  • American Revolution Loyalists

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    Some 8,000 whites and perhaps 5,000 blacks went to Britain itself. Southerners decamped to the Caribbean or East Florida, where they could continue to hold their slaves. Meanwhile, 2,000 free blacks, dissatisfied with their opportunities in Nova Scotia, demanded and received transportation by the British government to Sierra Leone, where they became the founding generation of the African colony that was established there by British abolitionists. Very few loyalists went to India or Australia

  • Essay on The Mi’kmaq Way of Life

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    was a member of the Algonkin family. Although every Mi’kmaq can understand each other, the dialect varies between bands. For example, the Mi’kmaq spoken in Quebec differs from that in Nova Scotia. The Mi’kmaq tribe settled in southwestern New Foundland in 1630. They were the “first nation people” (Nova Scotia 1) of Nova Scotia and later also settled in New England. They are

  • Basketball in NS Essay

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    Basketball was first introduced to Nova Scotia as early as 1895 but in the past thirty years the popularity of the sport has really taken off. The high concentration of universities in the province, the tradition and esteem of the high school programs, and the continued support from a large and knowledgeable basketball community have made the game a staple of Nova Scotia life, culminating with the capital city of Halifax becoming known as the basketball capital of Canada. When you talk about basketball

  • External Analysis On Nova Scotia

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    (2013 liberal platform) The Nova Scotian provincial government is aware of the situation it’s in and has been encouraging all citizens and municipal governments to take action. With the Liberal party’s success at the recent elections, there is going to be significant political change coming to Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia has been suffering economically and socially for the past three decades and the newly elected government are eager to introduce new solutions to help Nova Scotia recover and prosper