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  • My Life Without My Mother

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    Ever since I was little, I always looked up to my mom. She is the best mom, anyone could ask for. I don’t know what I would do without her. Or where I would be without her by my side through the 14 years of my life. She’s always been with me through thick and thin. I appreciate everything she has done for me. Even if sometimes, it may not seem like it. She is tremendously important to me because she has helped me through my struggles, she’s taught me from right and wrong, and she makes me stronger

  • Shady Oaks High School: A Narrative Fiction

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    glance. I sat in the chair and waited for the teacher to get in. When I look up Yuki’s blatantly staring at me a strange look in her eye. Suddenly it’s like the temperature in the room has plummeted and I’m frozen as she whispers to Stacie Miller her new best friend. I can only imagine what she’s saying, probably something like “Who’s that freak?” or “What happened to her face?”. It was bad enough that I could barely accomplish looking in a mirror without flinching at the hideous scar distorting my

  • What Happened? William Stammered

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    “Hey. You alright?” Tabitha asked. “What happened?” William stammered. “Come on, you gotta get up. You’re scheduled to have a contract negotiation in my room at 10:00 am sharp. Get yourself together.” WILLIAM showered and cleaned himself up as best he could. He downed three Advils, and made his way to the first floor of the hotel. He knocked on Tabitha’s door. “Come in,” Tabitha called. William opened the door and stepped into the suite. Tabitha stood up from a small table next to the window

  • Summary Of ' The ' I Didn 't Kill A Mockingbird ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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    defend Caleb. "Leia, you know he can 't be good, he hurts you," he slides my sleeve up my arm, revealing multiple bruises. "Leia, you don 't deserve this, you could get even more hurt and one day, he could hit you so hard that you never get back up," I could see him on the verge of crying. "I 'm going to kill him one day, Leia, I swear, he 's been beating you for too long, and he 'll deserve every minute of it." "Chris," I

  • Personal Narrative-Black As Gun Pow

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    You're too innocent and adorable. “Yeah well I’ve been busy too, you know running the inn” Looks like you’ve been busy. I never complimented your inn. It’s one of the finest places in Nassau. The inn smells like Honeysuckle and Jasmine. The rest of the damn place smells of piss and rum. “Why did you really come back ross? You had the chance to run” Come on who doesn't like

  • I Am A Man - Original Writing

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    I 've almost hit rock bottom. I 'm so ready to disappear, to be honest. I didn 't realize that this one person was the only thing keeping me going until he disappeared like that. I was about ready to buckle under my thoughts and weep like a child. That 's when I heard a voice. "Jonas, you 're not pathetic, at all." I looked up from the ground to see

  • Defining Characteristics Of The New Zealand Constitution

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    Characteristics of the New Zealand Constitution ID: 62952639 A constitution revolves around public power. It is the body of law that creates and regulates the application of the powers . The nature and application of these powers are the one of the most fundamental components of an evolved society. NZ has a number of unique and defining characteristics to its constitution, the origins of these powers and their application have far reaching consequences for the people of New Zealand. Perhaps the most

  • Levels Of Life Satisfaction / Well Being Are Measured Under Different Manipulative Conditions

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    study was focused upon. The second study sampled 4000 New Zealand residents and the results show that participants with high avoidance social goals report life satisfaction when involved in a romantic relationship to be just as high as when single because they feel relieved from the anxiety and conflicts one may encounter in a romantic relationship. Conversely, participants with low avoidance social goals report less life satisfaction when single because they lack the support a romantic partner may

  • Ireland Fits Well Into Arend Lijphart 's Consensus Model Of Democracy Essay

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    majoritarian a government is. The consensus model aims to share out power so that it is not all down to the one governing party. The consensus model is very important when it comes to Scotland as it can be argued that is only effective for highly divided societies. There are a few significant elements such as party systems, proportional representation and the comparison between the Scotland and New Zealand which will be investigated in this essay. Arend Lijphart could argue that Scotland is moving away

  • The Ageing Population

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    income groups face under-appreciated risks, such as outliving their capital or needing expensive long-term care. This will cause economic, social, and political implications of a rapidly ageing population, which will affect society and businesses. New Zealand, like many countries, has ageing population, with an increasing proportion of people in the older age groups and a declining proportion of children. Many impacts such as increase in the dependency ratio, increased government spending on health care