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  • The Arctic Archipelago And The Highest Apical Peak Of Nunavut

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    and the " Arctic Archipelago" and the highest apical peak of Nunavut is “Barbeau Peak". This territory has rich plants variety and many different types of animals and has average temperature of Nunavut in winters is very low, near about "-30C" and in summers, average temperature is about " 10C " to "5C". Yukon = It is the other territory of Canada, which contains rough high peaks and is surrounded by provinces and territories of Canada as "Northwest territory to the east, by British

  • Has the Creation of Nunavut Come too Quickly? Essay

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    Has the Creation of Nunavut Come too Quickly? The North of Canada may invoke thoughts of polar bears, penguins, and Eskimos, however this region has a history of exploitation. Since the 1940's, the Inuit people (Eskimo is considered a derogatory term by locals) have been forced to assimilate to Canadian laws and language. Prior to the arrival of the Canadian officials and their economic and law systems and infrastructures, the Inuit lived in small groups off the tundra. Their economic system

  • Nunavut in Canada´s Northen Territory Essay

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    Territories. The Inuik people that lived in the Northwest Territories were the reason behind the motivation for the separation. After a long hard process, filled with agreements and disagreements, Nunavut was finally declared its own territory and was separated from the Northwest Territories. Nunavut, which in Inuktitut means “Our Land”, was the first significant change to the map of Canada since Newfound land and Labrador joined confederation in 1949. The idea of separating the Northwest Territories

  • 3 Main Research Paradigms in Tourism Studies

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    (Dowsly, M. (2008) Inuit-organized polar bear sport hunting in Nunavut territory, Canada) I perceive this article to be of a positive nature due to the fact that all the research is based on facts collected in the sole purpose of supporting the researchers conclusions. All the data is interpreted in one way, discarding

  • Inuit People Research Paper

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    However, within the past decade conditions have improved due to the Canadians and Inuit people negotiating a land deal. As a result, many of the indigenous people can practice their traditions in their own communities in their new territory called Nunavut. This

  • Climate Change : A New Realm Of Self Empowerment And Self Determination

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    creating a feeling of being vulnerable within one’s own community and on one’s own land. In Nunavut, it is more difficult to hunt because now, people have to start travelling long distances from their communities to even find animals to hunt. Because of this, the people have had to start adapting to the conditions by changing their eating habits. Store-bought groceries have to be shipped in, and in Nunavut with no roads, products are flown in, which raises the price of food. With the availability

  • Benefits Of Co-Production In Canada

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    There is a wide range of benefits that a production company can advantage from when it comes to small-scale production, and/or following a path of co-production. It can stretch from communal nature to having more artistic independency on a project to financial management. The Journals of Knud Rasmussen, a film made by an Inuit production company presents these advantages. By using this approach these production companies have more accessibility, and international success. This film acts as a prime

  • Native American Film Essay

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    Native Americans express their voice in films by incorporating their history, culture and traditions for Indigenous purpose. These independent cinema efforts are produced by filmmakers who want to tell a story about their tribes around the world and educate the younger generations. Zacharias Kunuk, filmmaker of Antantarjuat; The Fast Runner and Journals of Knud Rasmussen, “compels non-Inuit spectators to think differently, not only about what constitutes indigenous content in films and more conventional

  • Nunavut Assisted Suicide

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    stores in Nunavut, many aboriginal families are not able to buy much as their is only one private grocer with this region. They are not able to purchase anything because the prices are a mere reflection of inflation, as these individuals do not earn as much as a cart full of groceries would cost them. For instance, a can of coke in an average Nunavut grocery store would cost $6 and this is only the beginning. Lowering the inflation would reduce poverty and starving individuals within Nunavut, therefore

  • Nunavut Payroll Tax Case Study

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    Our company will be opening an office in Nunavut this year. All the employment income are subject statutory deductions, CPP contributions and EI premiums from employees and the employer’s portion, income tax from employees, employees in Nunavut must be remitted the payroll tax. Here are from five aspects to explant: Who pays the Nunavut payroll tax? The Nunavut payroll tax is withheld from employee’s remuneration in Nunavut (regardless of province of residence or province of employment), includes