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  • Nurse Practitioners : Nursing Practitioners

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    Nurse practitioners (NPs), or Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), play an essential role in the growing complexity of the healthcare system. Established in the early 1960s, nurse practitioners have served as skilled clinicians, meeting the healthcare needs of patients as the availability of primary care physicians continued to decrease. Much like a Primary Care Physician, Nurse Practitioners can serve as a primary health care providers or specialize in particular areas of health care like

  • Nurse Practitioners

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    Madison M. Stanfield Ms. Edwards General Paper 23 January 2017 Nurses and Nurse Practitioners and their Impact The idea of nursing actually pre-dates the 19th century, but the first professional nurse is Florence Nightingale. Traditionally, only sick people with families could get the level of care needed, but Nightingale realized the mistake in that assumption. If one didn’t have a family they couldn’t get the correct level of care. During the Crimean War, Nightingale helped clean the soldier’s

  • Interview With A Certified Nurse Practitioner

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    Advanced Nurse Practice practitioners are expanding, taking up a multitude of roles across a diversified healthcare specialties. Advance Nurse Practice practitioner stands as leader in this comprehensive profession bridging the gap in management and clinical aspect of care (McDermott & Morant, 2010), reflecting the complexity of culture, organization and practice setting (Hyrkas & Dende,2008) to improve the quality of patient care. This paper is about the interview with a Certified Nurse Practitioner

  • Nurse Practitioners : A Nurse Practitioner Essay

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    Nurse Practitioners Carly Clay HS101 Professor Stewart Abstract A Nurse Practitioner has a very serious job. Being a nurse practitioner is not a job for someone who is not willing to work hard and be ready for anything at any moments notice. There are many different specialties to being a nurse practitioner such as emergency care, pediatric. Nurse practitioners work long hours and can work anywhere, from a doctor’s office to a hospital. Introduction Becoming a nurse practitioner is a common

  • The American Association Of Nurse Practitioners

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    The largest independent membership organization available exclusively to NPs is the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). Besides being a full-service national organization, it also certifies NPs nationally. The AANP represents all NP specialties and advocates for high-quality healthcare services for patients and their right to obtain such services from their provider of choice. One of the most significant functions of the AANP is its involvement in advocacy and government affairs

  • An Application For Cbu 's Nurse Practitioner

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    CBU’s Nurse Practitioner students with an educational application that prepares them for success in their health care environment and providing CBU’s Nurse Practitioner professors with the tools to make lasting impacts on their students. To make the utmost impact, our capstone team began by carefully eliciting the requirements from the head professors of CBU’s Nurse Practitioner program. After elicitation

  • As An Advanced Nurse Practitioner ( N-5

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    Post Week Three NURS6565, N-5 As an advanced nurse practitioner (APN), one must understand that he or she is under constant scrutiny. The performance measurements of primary care providers include several aspects that affect their practice and treatment outcomes. The purpose of this discussion post is to identify and evaluate an aspect of clinical performance measurement. Then, determine the utilization of these measurements for nurse practitioner (NP) productivity. Lastly, I will share my opinion

  • Professional Interview : Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies

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    environment. Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies are a set of competencies that guides and regulates the scope of practice for Certified Nurse Practitioners (CNP). Patients and organizations benefit highly from nurses working at the top of the education in their profession. As a license Advance Professional, education will help innovate and govern our needs related to patient care, safety, evidence-base practice, and improvement of positive patient outcomes. Nurse Practitioner

  • Nurse Practitioners : A Nurse Practitioner

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    Nurse Practitioner When somebody needs to go to the doctor now a days, they might not necessarily see one, it most likely would be a nurse practitioner. They do the same job as a physician more or less but are a little different in other words, they are less expensive & they are more hands on, so to speak, being more one on one with the patient & their needs or wants in dealing with illnesses, broken bones, diseases, common cold, or loss of loved ones. They go further than a normal physician would

  • Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies And Professional Organizations

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    In 1990, the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF), a United States-based organization which represented over 90% of academic institutions with nurse practitioner (NP) education programs, released the first set of entry into practice core competencies (Duller, 2013, p .71). Nurse practitioner core competencies integrate and build upon existing Masters and DNP core competencies and are guidelines for educational programs preparing NPs to implement the full scope of practice